Disember 18, 2010

Nota-Nota Public Aku...Kalau Nak Tolong Aku Alu-Alukan

UPDATED 18 Disember 2010 11:57 malam..

Aku akan letak kat sini apa yang aku jumpa yang boleh membantu dalam mencarik apa sebenarnya yang kerajaan cuba sembunyikan pasal APCO ni.Kalau ada yang dapat apa-apa,bagitau dekat komen kalau nak membantu.Benda ni akan updatekan bila aku jumpa apa-apa jadi dua tiga hari ni,aku tak post.Aku nak membaca....

Kenapa Kerajaan Malaysia memerlukan khidmat APCO?

GOM tu bermaksud Government of Malaysia.Ini salah satu page dalam kontrak menyatakan kenapa JPM perlu ambik APCO sbg penasihat dengan bayaran USD 420,000.Aku malas nak copy semua page kontrak dia,korang boleh carik sendiri.Nampak

1. Ms. Harriet Mouchly-Weiss 

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss is Vice Chairman and Senior Partner of Kreab Gavin Anderson Worldwide, a communications consulting firm with offices in 25 countries including New York and Washington D.C. Over the last 30 years, she has won industry-wide recognition for her work in the communications field, earning a reputation as a bold thinker, astute strategist, and firm believer in communications programs that incorporate a component of social responsibility.

Her experience includes development of corporate planning and marketing strategies, as well as issues management and corporate social responsibility efforts, for leading multinational companies, including ABB, Investor, Continental Tire, Volkswagen, Nestlé and MasterCard International; for associations such as The Toy Industry Association, Inc. (TIA) and the Infant Food Manufacturers (IFM); and for institutions such as the World Health Organization. She also worked with the Beijing municipal government to bring the Olympic Games to Beijing and has created highly successful tourism, export, and investment promotion programs for Mexico, Thailand, Jamaica, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

Mrs. Mouchly-Weiss is a member of the Committee of 200, a professional organization of preeminent businesswomen who personify the spirit of entrepreneurship and business leadership in the United States. She is an active member of the boards of L-1 Identity Solutions Inc. (formerly Viisage Technology, Inc.), Friends of the United Nations, and UJA-Federation of NY, as well as former member of the board of American Greetings and of the Board of Overseers for the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Program. She currently is on the boards of The Abraham Fund, the Israel Policy Forum, The New Israel Fund, and the Israeli Fund for UNICEF, and also serves as an advisor to the State of the World Forum.

2. APCO Worldwide dan Malaysia
Link APCO Worldwide

Hong Kong (August 10, 2009) – APCO Worldwide, continuing to broaden its activities in Asia, is opening a new office in Kuala Lumpur, Margery Kraus, president and chief executive officer, announced today. Among the office’s first clients is the Government of Malaysia under the government of Prime Minister Najib Razak.
“Malaysia continues to demonstrate that it is a major player in Asia, one of the great manufacturing nations for electronics and a sophisticated participant in global markets across many sectors,” said Kraus. “APCO’s ability to leverage strategic communication capabilities across borders mirrors the kind of leverage Malaysia has achieved in its approach to business and trade, making this a natural location for our expansion.”
One of the first clients of APCO’s new office will be the Malaysian government, which is retaining APCO to assist in evaluating its capabilities to communicate through new media. APCO will also assist the Malaysian government’s new leadership by sharing recent developments in strategic communication undertaken by governments in Europe, North America and Africa. Separately, APCO will be providing support in Washington, D.C., to Malaysia’s ambassador to the United States.

“As Malaysia moves forward, the government wants to ensure that it is able to provide information to the public quickly and transparently, making use of all relevant new technologies,” said Kraus. “Our team in Kuala Lumpur will include seasoned professionals from many countries, including Malaysia, who are on the cutting edge of new media. They will work to assist in strengthening the government’s online and other strategic communication capabilities to speed the delivery of accurate information to the media and public.”
Paul Stadlen, previously based in APCO’s London office, will serve as managing director of APCO in Malaysia. An award-winning specialist in media relations and international reputation management, Stadlen’s clients include business leaders at blue-chip multinationals from various sectors. Clients have also included government leaders in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. A former journalist, Stadlen previously worked for the BBC and has written for The Times of London and Prospect magazine.
“This is a time of opportunities for Malaysia,” said Stadlen. “APCO is delighted to share media expertise and strategic communication services with the Malaysian government and other clients in Malaysia. We are excited about Malaysia’s future and our ability to participate in it.”

Aiseh..selalu promote gunakan barangan buatan Malaysia..takkanla keparakan nak menggunakan new media ni pun nak kena import orang luar?Takde ke org Malaysia yg hebat psl new media?Apa guna bukak MMU?

3. Pakar sekuriti Israel join APCO

Bergerbest-Eilon is the former head of the protection and security division and the most senior-ranking security official of the Israeli Security Agency (ISA), a position equivalent to the rank of major general. His responsibilities consisted of the protection and security of Israeli dignitaries; Israeli official delegations traveling abroad; domestic and international Israeli civil aviation and foreign civil aviation in the State of Israel; the ISA’s information, installations and personnel; Israeli ports and Israeli vessels in foreign ports; and national and internal borders.

Kalau takut kena gigit,jangan hulur kepala dalam mulut buaya...

Ada apa-apa lagi yang korang jumpa?

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Mknace berkata...

:) :) :)
usaha yang bagus

Mlake berkata...


mantot..try baca website ni..aku x tau website ni dari mana, tapi banyak citer pasal malaysia berkaitan dgn yahudi. Wallahualam

Tanpa Nama berkata...

carry out outreach to think tanks.
Think tanks ni la yg kata "hidden hand" tu. Syabas Malaysia.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hahah asal bukak mmu? nak lahir kan org2 mcm ko la ni tot... ex-mmuian hehe

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Web tu leh caye ke..mamat melayu gak yang buat.

Mantot berkata...

cuba ko carik pasal mindteams sdn bhd.

aku tak jumpa langsung info pasal company tu.org kata dalam daftar syarikat pun lain info dia...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

"However, contrary to statements made in Malaysia's Parliament, 1Malaysia was conceived of by the Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak prior to the government of Malaysia retaining APCO.

APCO had no role of any kind in creating the 1Malaysia concept, which was fully formed, and made public, prior to APCO's engagement. (APCO tidak ada sebarang peranan di dalam mencipta konsep 1Malaysia yang telah dibentuk dan diketahui ramai sebelum APCO terilbat).

It is also incorrect that APCO represented the Government of Israel or Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak as has been alleged in Malaysia's Parliament.

At no time has APCO been involved with a public relations campaign relating to a "One-Israel" concept.

The statement in Malaysia's Parliament that APCO was involved in such a campaign is false. (Kenyataan di dalam parlimen Malaysia tentang kempen tersebut adalah tidak benar)

"APCO is proud of its work over the past 25 years providing strategic communication services to many governments, including the Government of Malaysia. APCO has also provided services to many of the world's leading companies and to international institutions such as the World Bank, United Nations, the European Commission and ASEAN, among others"

yang saya faham APCO worldwide ni communication consultant (American Protocol Communication Outfit)

please clarify...

Tanpa Nama berkata...


read this

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Aku pernah tengok satu filim kisah benar mengenai satu konsultan dari US yg jadi penasihat Boris Yeltsin kat Rusia..apa yg Boris Yeltsin buat untuk mendapatkan sokongan dari russian bukanlah berdasarkan kata beliau tapi dari brainstorming pihak konsultan tu..tu yg buat aku suspek dengan gaya percakapan / cara jawap soalan najib lan ni..dulu tak sebijak gitu...musykil musykil..