September 28, 2007

Journey to Malacca - Food Cheap for Two

I havent been on a long trip for a long time.So I went on a crazy trip with my girlfriend along the coast of Malacca to look for 2 hotel that are situated there.Because the hotel is situated along the beach of Malacca (Pantai Klebang and one other) we have some chance to take a look there because that is my first time going there.

The beach although really nice compared to the beach that you can get in Kedah (Pantai Merdeka) all of it are tarnished by the view of the many ship doing the "additional land project" along the beach line.Talking about giving ways forcefully towards modernization.

The length of the beach has been affected and it makes the beach coast appear really short.You could really hop around from the road side to the water in just 30 metre.It's too short and it makes the sandy area too little for the crowd.

Still I can see families coming (at the middle of the day) having their picnic there.

We stop for lunch on one of the place there.One tips,when you go food hunting,always look for the restaurant with the largest crowd.We did just that and we got our money (my money actually) worth the quality and quantity of food.

For that much food for 2 person,I take that "ikan keli" or in English "Kelly Fish" some prawns,fish ball
and that clams (why is it green I dont want to know) and she take ONE CRAB.How much is it?Only RM10.40 something.Freaking cheap.Wish KL food price would be somewhere like that.

This is the last picture taken that day,the statue of Rembau.My village.Havent been there for a long time.Maybe one day I'll go there just to have a visit.

I will recommend people to go and eat at Klebang there because you can get fresh fish straight from the jetty.Dirt cheap too.The Makcik is also nice.If she want to take me as her son in-law,surely my answer is yes.Food cheap beside the beach.Nice life.Not like KL.Shit.

September 23, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Casey Stoner

As Casey Stoner being crowned the new world champion replacing the one time champs Nicky Hayden and fans favorite Valentino Rossi,he was riding along the track,actually crying under that helmet.

You can see it from his eyes.He work hard for that.

The announcer tell us the viewer that his family,once sacrifice themselves by moving from Australia to UK and living in a trailer just to to make sure they follow their boy steps every way possible.

As he ride along nearing the parking space for winners he stand up open up his helmet and straight away walk and hugs the two best woman in his life,his wife (very cute) and his mom.

The emotion at that time,is high.

As kisses and hugs are given,his mother just stare at him like she is watching his little boy coming home from school.Her stare towards him said it all.It's more special than a wife kisses.
That's how special mother is.No woman or wife can take a place of a mother in a man's heart.

Even if Beyonce AND Shakira suddenly come and want to be Number 1,I would say "No,thanks,Beyonce and Shakira,you can't be the most important person in my heart,now,about the threesome thingy?"

Congratulations Casey Stoner on winning the Moto GP,good to have a great mom behind you right?

So go and wish your mother A Happy Mother's Day,because it supposed to be celebrated every minutes,times,seconds,day and night.then look into her eyes.

You will see yourselves surrounded by her tenderness.
Happy Mother's Day.

September 22, 2007

I Want To Be One Hell of A Serious Musician and Have Groupies

With the rumours flying around about how much Fara Fawzana (u know the girl the girl who got paid every month to act stupid in front of camera in "Melody") got paid...I mean what is wrong with our world,especially Malaysia.

It's like the world is encouraging to study less,become a bimbo more,show your body more and get paid more.How much does Angelina Jolie makes a month?How much does a beautiful female doctor make saving her patients?

I know what I am saying is not that special but really,look at us.We are born in a country that adores stupids and ignore the intellect.

Which movie produce in Malaysia that can be called a FILM is a success?We always knew those crap the BLOODSUCKING FUCKER SHIT RAZAK MOHAIDEEN slapstick can't be called a movie just it is longer than 90 minutes stupid fest will gross higher than anything.

I just watch the trailer for his new "film" premiering this Raya Day.

Starring the funny but totally overused Gitu Gitu is still the same formula that would take those Malay people who have never expose themselves to real film.

Okay,I dont want to comment the movie.I just want to comment about the timing.


If your film makes some of my relatives didnt come back just because they want to watch the premiere of OTAI,I hope you burn in the deepest level of hell and be reborn as Monica Lewinsky mouth.

Never underestimate the power of Saiful Apek on the people of Malaysia,mainly Malays.If Apek ask them to vote for certain party,they will follow.

The power to influence the people is just in the wrong hand.From top to bottom.

Razak Mohaideen = George Bush Leftover Shit On The Tissue

September 21, 2007

I Miss My Classes and I Miss My Students

Last Wednesday was the first time in my life I felt like hell riding home.
After the class I go to the staffroom and slept on the floor because nobody's around.
At around 7.15 I take some medicine (because I have to wait for Maghrib) and I cant go join my friend for the "break fasting" (is this the correct terms?)

So I just slept there on the floor until 8.15 and because I was worried being locked in the staffroom I start my journey home.

That was the worst feeling a rider can get.

I cant open my eyes.I felt like the journey is too long.I have to takes 3 breaks just to sit down beside the road and splash some water on my face so that I am awake.There were some observer who looks really weird with my behavior but who cares...

With heavy heads and sleepy eyes I just ride hom slowly and after passing Kajang I pick up my speed a bit so that I can arrive faster.While riding I have to said motivational word to myslef so that I dont fell asleep or worst ..fainted.

That's how bad the fever is.Now I am feeling much better.Havent eat much except 2 murtabak and a Chicken Maggi from Wednesday.If only I lost my appetite but it didnt come with this sick and nauseating feelings,surely I will lose this big stomach.

Havent smoke at all since Wednesday.Maybe later this evening.

September 01, 2007

Arsenal Have Signed Lassana Diarra

Damn Arsene Wenger.
You always play around with your false word and said lies.
Suddenly you bring in somebody.

I don't know why the reason is but I surely like the way you operate.
Always stealthy and espionage-like

Almost like Solid Snake.
Now,if only Wenger can sneak to Italy and bring Kaka in a box to England

First Time Buying An Original American Movie DVD

Before this,all my original DVD's are only of Stephen Chow's and Jet Li's HK Movies.
This is mainly of the reason that they sell it at REASONABLE price.Have been eyeing the original Transformers The Movie (cartoon one) for a long time but just realized that this is a Chinese Version,no English VO,no English Subtitle.

So I was a little down.Browsing through the collection of DVD's at Speedy Video in Cheras here,I found something interesting.

What the hell?The price is quite a bargain now.Almost all DVD's are now priced at RM39.90.Before this the price usually hovers around RM69.90 a pop.That is quite expensive for any working class Malaysian dude.

So,I look through all the collection they got and I got this 2 bargains collection.

The Matrix Reloaded 2 Disc Edition - RM19.90

This one is quite nice for that price.To get a special edition of 2 DVD9 movies from the pirated copies will cost RM24.Original is cheaper

Rambo - The Ultimate Collection

For the price of RM49.90,you can get all 3 John Rambo massacre adventure.That means one movie is only around Rm16 something.Yeah you can get the whole Rambo movie in one DVD for RM15 from Pirate but the picture quality is SHIT.

All movies come with Dual Layer Disc so that means that you have the option of DD5.1,DTS or DD2.0.

With all the localization of DVD's,surely the pirated stuff can be curb down.
Now,do the same for PC software and PS2/PS3 games.
Next target,Jack Nicholson classic's,One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.Happy Independence From Pirate's DVD