Julai 11, 2007

Asian Cup - Malaysia vs China

Asian Cup Group C Malaysia (1- 5) China
Malaysia - Indra Putra Mahyuddin ('72)
China - a lot of goals

The one thing that is good about the match is that China shows Malaysia how reality is.
Our player look jaded and their coordination is well....not existed.

The match ends 5-1 to China.I left the stadium early with most of the supporter because watching Malaysia playing is a horrendous experience to anone.

We arrive early and join the fiesta of long queue for tickets and football frenzy.there was one group of Mat Salleh who come wearing the headband and scarf of our own Malaysian team.One of them was shouting "Malaysia Boleh" many times.First impression,this will be a memorable match for the Malaysian.

Memorable?Make it unpleasent.

Malaysia cant defend.They can't pass the ball properly.They cant stop the ball with their first touch.They cant continue with their style of playing long ball over the head because we are Malaysian,we are born smaller.We don't have the physical side of the game also.

But the coach thinks that we are too good and the team played that way.Long ball,over the top hoping that a flick by Hairuddin will reach a runner running behind the defender of China but there are no runners.

There were a lot of smaller teams that played football even if their size is still limiting the team.
Nearer to us,Thailand,Indonesia and the surprised package,Vietnam.they know their limitations.They play ball on the ground.Stroke the ball around and creating chances by doing the running so that opening can be created.But Malaysia play like dumb man playing football.

Fadzli Shaari and Shukor Adan can't work and Fadzli shouldn't be playing at first,because he wasnt playing at all.

The only Malaysia goal came by...playing the ball on the ground.A run by Shukor Adan and he pass it to Hairuddin Omar and he flick it to Indera Putra to score a peach of a goal.Out of the
6 goals scored,I think Malaysia goal is the best.But results count.results are needed.Fans demands results.

If we cant get the result we will demand a fighting spirit.It's better to go down fighting.
We will appreaciate if they show their hearts.

Better showing needed Malaysia.You can lose a match because it is expected but you cant lose your heart.

Julai 02, 2007

Album Review - Ash:Twilight of The Innocents

I am disappointed

Twelve songs,6 great songs.6 crap songs.

It's like they are trying too much to cater to all people.The single is crap.
I am frustrated.Usually Ash album contains only 2 mediocre songs at most.But if having 6 crap songs,this is crap.Mediocre > Crap

Growing old without realizing they also need to grow old mentally and lyrically.

Better comeback needed Tim Wheeler.We need better.The benchmark is still the album you wrote when you are 17 years old.Is it too high to reach now ?

Recommended -
Princess Six
Shattered Glass
Dark and Stormy
End of The World

Rating 5/10