Disember 31, 2007

New Year Resolution For A Loser

10:30pm : Start "Pro Evolution Soccer 2008" and continue the Master League with my team "Sportsman Village FC"

11:35pm : Stopped playing because I lost in the 1st round of the Cup competition.Realized I have been playing the game for 115 hours.Remind myself,buy the original one later to play online.

11:36pm : Take chocolate milk from refrigerator

11:38pm : Stay at home

This is what my normal routine everyday.Even it is the new years eve,it's still the same day for me.This is a life of a man who have NO LIFE,hahahah.I don't realize when did I turned and become like this.Before this all of us (more than 10 mostly) will go somewhere and celebrate anything.New years,Independence,anything that can be celebrate.

Nowadays it is all about staying home and be in my comfort zone.Comfort.I think it is really important in my life now.Even though I missed out on this so called "Life" and "Celebrations" I would prefer Comfort than any of it.

Maybe because I am a Cancer and that's why I like to stay at home (I read some books on Astrology and some parts such as personality is almost spot on)

Some of my friends they have the urge to go outside and celebrate.They are still enjoying the nightlife that I have learned to hate.A tragedy of picking up two Transvestite to go to a club in PJ is still haunting me until these days.Maybe later I will tell the story of "Rose" and "Mawar" (maybe Rosli and Mawi is their real name)

I think it is fine for those who have taken the same path as me,the Anti Social or the Loser.I think that I have enough friends (that I trust a lot eventhough they cannot keep a secret between them,hehe) and enough close friend at work that I can be with everyday.

New Years?Clubbing?Happening things?Rave Party?
No thanks.

Wow...2008 already.Wishing the 15 readers of this blog :"May 2008 and onwards brings a lot of joy and happiness.Maybe some extra money too."

Old people like to stay ina quiet place.I think I am just getting older than usual.

Disember 25, 2007

Let Us Sue TM Net Because We Can

Accroding to the report here.US customer subscribing to Comcast have sued the company because they are doing the bandwidth throttling for the Torrent user.Imagine what would happen if somebody have the courage and enough money (just in case) to sue TM Net (TM Nut as usually known in Malaysia)

I think we have a case here.

We are buying a package of 1MB and normally what speed do we got?Around 120KBps per second.I have downloaded a file (straight HTTP donwload) and the best that I could get is 120KBps.Where is the rest bandwidth?

Now they are throttling the Torrent speed download even though the download/upload speed is still not up to par as promise.I think TM Nut have the advantage IF they provide the speed they advertise but they dont and they are already taking some advantage away from us also.

We do realize that Torrent mostly contains thing that are under copyright stuff and downloading anything is wrong but still,the ISP should provide the service as it promised (not on best effort basis) because if best effort is only 256kbps,we shouldn't need to pay full amount monthly.

Comcast Being Sued-Taken By PC World

Disember 24, 2007

Switchfoot Is Coming!

As normal as checking my email everyday,I got the newsletter from Switchfoot.com.
They are announcing they will be coming to Asia Pacific.Yeah,surely they'll go to Singapore,Indonesia and Philippines (because one of the band member are from there) and to my surprise...the last place they will visit is Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.


At last.A concert that I will be saving to go to.
Here is the details (taken from the newsletter)

Hello international amigos,
We wanted to let our Pacific Rim friends know that we are coming your way! Here is a list of upcoming shows...we hope to see you at the show.

Thursday, January 24
Senayan Indoor Stadium
Jakarta, Indonesia
On sale now!
Ticket info: http://www.jakartaconcerts.com/switchfoot/

Saturday, January 26
Parachute Music Festival
Mystery Creek Events Centre
Hamilton, New Zealand
On sale now!
Ticket link: http://websites.parachutemusic.com/festival/2008/enter.html

Thursday, January 31
Singapore Max Pavilion
Singapore, Singapore
On sale: Dec. 26
Ticket link: www.sistic.com.sg

Saturday, February 2
Venue TBD
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
On sale: January 1
Ticket info coming soon!

Even though the details are still sketchy,at least they are coming.Just for informations,Switchfoot are known to charge a much lower rate per show than similar artist so that the fans can get the tickets at a much lower price.If the ticket is too expensive.Complain to the band,they will take some action as they have previously done before.

Disember 19, 2007

I Blamed The Government If I Have Eaten Porks

In this country,where Islam is the official religion of the country,most of us are still scared to go and eat in some places.

I am talking about the very loose law of restrictions of Halal Food in Malaysia.

We heard about the bread made by a factory that looks to be contaminated.Feeling the heat from the dropped of sales,they take the beautiful Fasha Sandha (I met her once,she's really gorgeous,I can see her panty lines on her soft and very white long tight pants and it was beautiful) as the spokesperson for the Bread.Case solved.

We heard about the dangerous chemical that are put on our toothpaste.To really fight this allegations,
the company provided a full page ads on the official national government newspaper to announce that their products is safe.

Then we got the meat and chicken things.

This is very sensitive issues.I would like to clarify to all that :

1) Even if you dont mixed pork in your cooking but you used the same cutleries and frying pans to fry pork,it is deemed non-halal

2) After washing the cutleries that have been touch with pork using the most powerful cleaning agent in the world,scrubs for one night using iron wool and disinfected using the Pasteurising Machine,it is still NOT HALAL

3) A chicken that is chopped in the head until the head seperated from its body and pronounced dead by a muscular butcher using the sharpest knife in the world,that chicken is NON HALAL if the butcher is Non Muslim

4) Even if wine is evaporated and become non alcoholic once it touches heat,the food is still NOT HALAL

5) Any Muslim who takes alcoholic drinks are not worthy of being a Muslim.In Islam,one drop of alcohol in your body makes your prayer count as redundant for 40 days.If you take one glass,how long is your prayer will be dismissed?If you take one glass a day for a whole year,surely your prayer is only just for exercise.

Government doesnt have a strict rule to protect the Muslim.We are afraid of everything we eat.The growth of the supposed "Mamak Restaurant" is a threat,because we are not sure is it a real Mamak (A Muslim Indian) or just Indian?

I am sure some non-Malay would think that this is rubbish,we are just making things so hard for ourselves.But this is the beauty of Islam.There are many things that Non-Muslim will not understand why we Muslim adhere to it.Please dont treat this as simply as "coughing at the stairs" (melepaskan batuk di tangga)

One thing I would ask the government to do (hopefully the new government next year) is that the implementation of a more strict control on Halal food.Making Malaysia a regional hub for halal food is a good step but make sure the base/foundation in Malaysia is strong first.

You should know as a Muslim where to eat and where you cant eat.

A famous steak house franchise in Malaysia is a strict no no no,I have a friend who work there before.He just said to me,dont eat there,they use wine,specifically red wine on their steak.But why no action is taken against them?There are still no official announcement from the government.Have to check website?How about those who dont have internet?

We need to clarify this before it is too late.If I have ever eaten pork,I blamed it on the government.Why?Because they are mostly Muslim too and they never do anything about it.Why dont they take action?Because some of them of them also enjoy the Non Halal thing.Including bribes....that is NON HALAL ALSO.

Further Reading
Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia

Disember 18, 2007

Watch Your Children/Little Sister

A scooter can operate easily.Just pull the throttle and zoom it goes!
That's why we can see a lot of scooters around town.

This will be a lesson to all of you,when you left a child on a scooter,off the engine.
Kids like to pull stuff.

It's amazing she can go that far.

Disember 12, 2007

BERISH - Lets Bend The Law A Bit

As most of you already knew,
a gathering/rally of more than 5 people needs a permit to be executed.

Even though this will sound dumb a lot,but let us all group together in a group of 4 next time while rallying and always keep a 5 metre distance between each group.

If we do this we are still obeying the "law" and the police have no reason to capture us because...we didnt do anything wrong and we dont need a permit.

The government likes to bend the law to their side,now I think it is just a little fun to do that just to see the reply from the FRU.Surely they will try to gather us altogether and create a reason for it to be illegal.They can do it for their benefit,surely we can do the same.

It's fun to annoy Pak Lah.Lets do it together.

Firstly Action,Hands,Words,Then Eyes Finally Heart

Anwar Ibrahim has been blacklisted from going outside Malaysia.His passport has been taken by the security for no given reason.

Tian Chua has been detained in front of the Parliment last morning for no apparent reason.

Muhammad Sabu has been detained for being involved in the organization BERSIH and organizing the rally.Reading his daughter and son story about how their father is detained is quite frightening.

The police can do anything they want.The Government can ask the police do anything they want them to.Pak Lah can ask the Government to do anything he wants.Khairy Jamaludin can ask from Pak Lah anything he asked for.Maya Karin can do anything she wants as long as she ask Khairy as sweet as she can.

The question is,who's the most powerful?

Even the court are full of corrupted judge and lawyers.If we are to be trial in Malaysian Court,even if we are innocent,we will surely be deemed guilty.

One thing that we can do is set a date for every Malaysian to pray and ask from their God,to let the God play their hands in this one.We cannot fight using the ballot box because we know it is useless.We know that our voice and choices are anonymous to the Government.

Our God,our belief,is the most powerful things.
Even if we cannot defeat the corrupted by our hands,let us do the praying in our hearts.In our heart,our King is near.Our God is nearer.

Let's God play the full house card now.Please Allah,make Malaysia raining stones while the Elephant Army drove the evildoers from our land.

Image of The Day : Sad Cruel World

If you were his age and have to witness in front of your eyes your mother dying...
Pictures do tell a thousand words,so please,silent everything,look at this pictures and pray to Allah,His judgement is fair.

May the mother rest in Heaven.

Innalillah hi wainnalillah hi rojiuun

Yusry Buka Pekung Erra : Akhirnya Rahsia Terbongkar

Walaupun gambar ni dah lame dah tersebar,tp hari ni baru sempat nak masukkan dlm blog.Ni lah sebabnye Erra cerai ngan Yusry,mamat ni la punca,bukan Hans Isaac,bukan Tengku Emran,bukan sebab Erra nak cari laki lagi kaya.Semuanya sebab mamat ni.Tapi besar kemungkinan mamat ni tanak terime Erra sebab die dah serik sbb tu la Erra kawin ngan Tengku Emran.

Entahlah apa yang dia nampak kat Erra tu?Brader,lu bole dapat lagi baik dr Erra.Kulit je lawa brader.Buang kulit nampak otot abis jd tak cun dah.

Menurut khabar,mamat ni dulu break ngan Erra sbb Erra selalu mintak beli teddy bear.Mamat ni pulak jiwa ganas,jd die segan la nak gi kedai beli teddy bear.

Disember 08, 2007

History Text Books and the Influence On A Child's Life.

Remembering what I have learned before in secondary school History lesson,I always taught that those radical leader such as Ahmad Boestaman and Shamsiah Fakeh were the bad guys.

This is when I cant understand what politics is all about,the beliefs and the personal opinion of everyone is different.Everybody have a different method but most of them have the same objective,to get the Independence.

I am teach that those who opposed the government before was always the bad guy.Government is the good guys so we have to support them,because they are the bearer of truth.They are great and they are the one who got the rights to lead our nation.

That is the effects of a History text book that have been influencing me until around the last 2 years.

It wont surprise me in the future if my son and daughters are being taught that Anwar Ibrahim,Nik Aziz and all opposition will be announce as "The Bad Guys of Malaysian History" in the future text books.Hell,even before this (when I do trust the government) I always believe that Lim Kit Siang is a really evil dude and Muhammad Sabu is the devil's minion.

Facts should be corrected because if history does teach us about the past,the history shouldn't lie.
Let us change the future.We can put there that the Government once have been ruled by monkeys and chimpanzee.Truth should be told.

Local Porn - The Sin of The Leaders

I dont think I am going overboard if I blame our leaders for the state of Islam nowadays.With the increase of entertainment and global influence endangering our youthful son and daughters,they must be feeling left out so most of them are going for the "Dasar Pandang Ke Barat" or Lets Follow The West

This kind of thing will not happen if Full Islamic Law is implemented.

There is sure somebody who from the cabinet will say that The Hudud Law is out dated.The answer to that is the influence from US is making some people felt like that.Everyday we can songs about a girl sang about her butt or wherever she got her smoking body from (all Fergie song suck) or how to make love slowly and kindly.

One thing that needed to be stressed out is that for other religion,you shouldn't be worry about it.

Imagine this...

Your house got robbed but luckily you catch the robber.

If we follow the Shitty Law,the robber will be jailed maybe for 2 years (or if he's lucky he just escape with 3 months jailed) after trial.If we does implement the Islamic Law in Malaysia,one hand for the robber will be chopped off after trial if found guilty.Two times caught,both hand gone.

The rationale behind it is :
1)Losing a hand is much2 more a burden than going to jail.
2)Being afraid of losing another hand will make the guilty party stop their crime
3)People will be afraid to steal because they can see the consequences.

The Shit Law doesnt create that effects to the people.If somebody got caught and after a year jail than got released,it doesnt mean he will stop his act.Where you will get the lesson or the "scared of doing something bad" if criminal live among us unharmed.

The only people who are afraid of the Islamic Law is the people who committed the sin.
That's why they are scared.

Disember 06, 2007

Malay's Do's and Dont's

Things that all Malays should do from today until General Election Day.

1) Avoid any viewing and reading Government controlled media.

2) If you have Astro at home,watch Al-Jazeera for news.Tell your relatives about the real news if they didn't have any source for it.

3) Stay cool and avoid provocation (from the Father and Son in-Law Government)

4) Prove ourselves that we are a new breed of Malay that can think of ourselves and
our rights

5) In case of anything happens this 16th December,stay at home and be a good citizen.Don't fight just because somebody wants us to fight for them and they just reap the benefits

6) Pray to Allah that DYM Tunku Mizan is a people's King

Knowing what we want.A Malay rights that actually only benefits certain "chosen" group or better rights for living for everyone.


8) Know which party you don't want to choose.Use your brain.

Hopefully if everything is followed,a better Malaysia will be form.Allahhuakbar.

Imam Besar Islam Hadhari

Bored and bored.
Wallpaper for those who still wants to be lead by this man.
Believe it,this man led a country.A country for God's sake.

Future Malaysian 6th Prime Minister,Optimus Prime


The color of his body says it all,it does combine all the color of our Malaysian flags.I am sure he will never sleep in his visit or during presentation,buy himself a boat that cost the Taxpayers money or let his Son in-Law control him.If that does happen I am sure he will send his son in-law to be devoured by Unicron.

Dont understand what I am talking about the Unicron part?

Imagine a Big Planet that devours everything in it's path.Or just imagine Pak Lah.


Indian live as one of the 3 main race living in Malaysia.The history says that Indians come to work during the British days and being brought to Tanah Melayu as workers for mainly estate area.

Now,after 50 years of independence,they are suing the British government for taking them here and let them live on under pressure from the Malays.Okay,enough about history lesson (cant be called a lesson actually) but just as an introduction.

Until today,we still can see:

1) Chinese controlled the business because they are brought at first to do business in the city (e.g Yap Ah Loy) and they do it by wise business planning and hard work (that part I do respect the Chinese,they deal with you fast and smart)

2) The Malays most of them are still living in rural area and eventhough some of them have migrate to be city citizen,they can only afford to live in Low Cost flat.For those who are really rich,they either one of the Minister,relatives of Minister,a Minister Son in-Law or FUCKING Celebrities with BAD EDUCATION BACKGROUND

3) The Indian still populate the estate.Once I have been travelling along an estate area around Teluk Intan and it's very hard to see other races except Indian.

The effects of British invasion is still felt until today.The question is,is it only the Indians feeling the suffering from it?Was it British fault?

For me personally the answer is a big fat NO.

Malay still live in rural areas.Eventhough the Malay's is the Administrator /Government,Chinese controls the economy.If they are saying the Malay rights is not fair,why aren't Malay's controlling everything? Some of my Chinese friends,they always sigh that it is hard for their family to support their education because only a select few are admitted to any IPTA,they need to spend a lot to go to an IPTS or oversea for education. Malays got the specialty to be admitted but we know that not all that deserved to go there has been admitted.

Malay' s mentality (the rich one) is that you can buy everything with money.The one who have money have power.Rich Malay's with money and power will buy their son and daughter a place in the university.Rich Malay Dad's will surely pay or abuse his power as much as he can to make sure his family will get what they want.

This is the main problem,Rich Malay's,such as Minister and Official are Power Abuser.This is just the minority of the Malay people.The majority like me,my family,my friends and my neighbours,we don't have power.We do have some money that is enough for us to survive.

The truth is we as the majority Malay's also "JUST SURVIVING" in this country call Malaysia.

The rich Malay's,well they can do anything they want.They are the minority here.With all the talks off asking the removal of Malay rights,I think that HINDRAF is asking for something not right.

Let us join our hands,Malay,Chinese and Indians to get rid of this "RICH MINORITY MALAYS" who thinks it is appropriate to give titles to celebrities,denies us of our free speech and media transparency and please,let us not quarrel among ourselves.This is what they want.

For a true reformed Malaysia,we should be together.

I as a Malay never felt it exist.It is just a word just to make sure Malay support them.
Who's land they are gonna take next for the Billion Ringgit Highway Project?It's another Malay land.
Just ask my Grandma.


Next time wanting to ask for things,dont forget to invite the others,the Malays and the Chinese too.

November 26, 2007



As one of the monkeys,here is my symbol of protest.

November 12, 2007

Bersih Rally - We Are Being Counquered By Our Own Kind

10 November 2007

This will the first time in my life I felt the effects of tear gas.It have a very sharp effect that really hurt your eyes,make you cant breath and block your nose in pain.

Luckily for us that day,we arrive a bit late.Just arrived at Masjid Jamek and what awaits us was the sharp smell of tear gas.Damn,the FRU are really serious.As we walked I could see a lot of old women and little children covering their face up with anything they got.

We take the elevators and as we step upstairs,some policemen are closing the LRT Station."Jalan,jalan"(move,move) they order a Malay man who are trying to get into the LRT Station.Maybe his wife and children are in there,who knows?

The gas still doesnt clear up from my lungs and it hurts a bit.This is just the leftover that I felt.What if we are on the frontline when the gas being fired.Shit,it will hurt.Stepping outside,a lot of people are there.We circle and look around.Masjid Jamek is full with supporters.Man,women,families.All of them are there.

The FRU are everywhere.One group in front of the bank.One group surrounding the Fire Truck (the one which carries the water gun) All of them are equipped with their baton (or riot stick) and shield.
We make our way towards the Burger King there because we are hungry (haha) and walk past in front of the Fire Truck.One officer are instructing the people to leave and go home.They shout back "Allahhu-Akbar,Allahhu-Akbar" (Allah is All Mighty)

Shit,the BK is closed.They barred the door from inside and we can see the customer are still inside,trapped.As we stand there and just watch (without doing anything to provoke the FRU) they are starting to scared us by trying to shoot the water gun again(they have shot 2 times before we were there).Most of us just slowly flee from there a bit,watching the surroundings.One police truck came and stopped by in front of us leaving the door open as a warning sign for those who oppose them,this is where you get in.

We linger around because we got no instructions to go anywhere. Maybe around half hour later,we heard that they are gonna start the march towards the Istana Negara.We are not planning to join them because we got things to do that day.As one of us are using his phone to snap some picture of the FRU,one of them warn us directly "Balik,balik,apa tunggu lagi.Balikla.Tengok apa lagi" (GO back,go back.What are you looking at) With his young face and arms holding the riot stick and shield,he have the power to do anything.Dogs.

So we move on because we know staying there is a waste of time.As the crowd slowly dispersed and start to walk to Istana Negara,I saw a man wearing a umbrella hat displaying the PAS logo.He was carrying his child.One thing,it's good to teach your son/daughter patriotism but wait until he/she's bigger.What will happen if the FRU attack us.You dont want to see a child being killed because surely the government will deny it has happen (and actually doesnt mind it happen)

Dont trust your TV station.Dont trust your Private TV Station.Nobody start the fight.The FRU did.
Just like Pak Lah said in his interview "Saya pantang dicabar" (Dont challenge me) we as the people also have to make our stand.

If the Bersih rally cant make any changes to or "FAIR AND SQUARE" General Elections,at least we have shown who we are.Now lets pray to our God and hope justice is serve.If not during the elections,we see you on the aftermath.

At least the British let our ancestor voice their opinion.
God is Fair.

Bersih Rally Others Experience

November 05, 2007

The Ultimate Fighting Game of All Time

If Tekken + Virtua Fighter + Street Fighter + Dead Or Alive mate all together in a foursome,
this is their child.The Ultimate 3D Fighting game EVER

Watch the ending.Priceless

Film Review - 30 Days of Night

More like 30 minutes of pain.

The film start well,although a little bit slow at the start.

The first 20 minutes the story is focused more towards the establishing the back story of a town called...errr...I dont remember the name of the town,where on one month of each year,the sun will never shows up and left the little snowy town sunless for a month.

Our hero,Eben (Josh Hartnett) is the Sherriff of the little town and as a simple way to make sure no one ask why his wife,Stella is also a brave and strong character,they made her a firewoman so that we know she's traiend well and will not have any problem facing danger.Both Eben and Stella have marital problem and around the middle of the story only you learn why they are filing for divorce.It's stupid actually,so just dont bother about it.Stella wants to leave town.Accident happen.Stella have to go back because she cannot leave because the plane has left and she's trapped in the town.

Getting less interesting.
There was a stranger who suddenly pop out of nowhere when most of the people are going to leave the town.Who is he?What do he want?The man look like he brings trouble saying things about "they" are coming.Intriguing.

Then "they" showed up.The vampires.For the first 30 minutes when they still concealed themselves around the dark,the film is really-really good.How they poach their victim,the way they just suddenly pop out from nowhere.It was thrilling.Really good stuff.

Then suddenly the vampire pack want to be more in the spotlight.After that all they do is posing and look stupid.The leader of the vampire is the worst.He's the worst out of all.Always trying to look good in front of the camera.Come on!You are vampires,not Dracula.

Everything goes downhill from there.
The acting is wooden.Josh Hartnett cant get away with all those lifeless expression.Luckily his group of survivor saves the day in acting.Both of the main stars are dull.The gang got together and actually survive easily because there is no tension at all.They just sat there and survive.Some of those who didnt survive,it is not because they got chase but just because they are stupid and want to go and take a walk.

One scene that really save the film is the scene in the grocery store.That one is chilling.Bloody hell it's disturbing.

All the talk about the improve vampire breed is rubbish.Nothing new here except that they have smaller,yellower teeth and they like to pose,a lot.Imagine all those testosterone "300" scene where they are watching the Persian ship sunk while posing and flexing their muscle,just replace the Spartans with vampire with expensive clothing.

And WTF with the climatic scene and the ending?

A big letdown.The last section lack tension and scary moment.

Rating - C+ Conclusions - A film needing a much better ending and stronger main cast.Please,hide the vampire next time.That should help the sequel if there will be "30 Days of Night The Next Year"

Recommendations - Dawn of The Dead,Night Watch

November 03, 2007

How Do You Feel If Your Wife Have Already Have Sex Before You?

I was chatting with one of my close friend last night and we talked about marriage.
Most of our close friend are getting married,have been married and planning to get marry.

As we talk all along,both of us come out with reason to get married.I dont have much (for now) but he felt that he wants to get hitch soon.Then the topic come out about how is most Malay's nowadays are ashamed that they are still remain a virgin (menaing they never have sex,doing on your own doesnt count,hehe)

Heh,this is a sensitive topic to tackle because it involve a lot of different kind of views.

As a Muslim living in a country where Islam is the officials religion,how can a mentality of being ashamed of being a virgin is something to be scared of?We should be proud of being a virgin.Nowadays it's not shocking to learn that school student (12-17 years old) are actively seeking sex.We have heard a case about a girl who just want to have sex because of peer pressure and she's only 16 years age.

Where does this mentality come from?

the answer is right in front of your eyes.The effects of globalization.The influence of West teen drama's where teenagers (in the drama) actively embrace the culture of sex first,marry later.How to prevent this from spreading?

There's no way to prevent this from spreading if we,Malay,stays the same and join in the culture!

The only way to prevent this is to go back and be ourself.Be scared of Allah and be scared of the Judgment Day.Girls,ask yourself this first before you have sex with your boyfriend..."Is he honest?Will he marry me?If he cannot pull of before orgasm and I get pregnant,what will he do?What if he left me?"

Malay girls nowadays are having sex just for the sake of not wanting to be alone without a boyfriend.
Keep your pussy for your husband.Good girl get good man and vice versa.

You will be rewarded at the end.God is fair.

WIP - Transformers Ep01 Remake:Optimus Prime

just get the idea to do a remake of the classic Transformers G1 episode one after I watch the brand new G1 DVD.Just start out modelling Optimus Prime,the better leader of mankind than the Government.This will be one very long and slow project because there's alot of character need to be model first and the modelling should be according to logic and ONE IMPORTANT RULE that is so hard to follow is that all those vehicle can TRANSFORM.Have to study also how each one Transform so that the model will follow the rules.

I just realized that Optimus Prime actually rotate both of it legs on the hip when tranforming.

November 01, 2007

Pics of The Day - Like A Dear Entering The Village

Malay have a "peribahasa" (I dont know what is peribahasa in English,maybe "pseudonym") that sounds "seperti rusa masuk kampung" or the translation sounds like the topic title.

It means that a stranger not knowing anything about
coming to a new place but still try to act as best as they can to be one of the crowd.
This 2 picture is the best way to represent the "peribahasa" because pictures tell a thousand word and I dont want to write thousand words.The pictures are from hujanbatu.blogspot.com.Hope it's ok.

Oktober 20, 2007

The Last Raya Here : The Value of Malays= RM4/feet

I have been spending my childhood in my village in Kuala Nerang,Kedah for as long as I can start remembering things.Sometimes when I look back at my childhood picture,I realized I have been spending a lot of time there.Then I go to school in KL for 10 years and until now I am staying here as a passenger living in this overcrowded city.

Since I am 14 years old,I will always go back for Hari Raya at Kuala Nerang,Kedah.
12 years later or exactly the last Raya,that will be my last Raya there.Why?Is it because I dont have relatives anymore?Or I was thrown out of family?


The Government (after this I will just use the GOV abbreviation) is already starting the highway project.They will take the land that people are living on and pay some money as the compensation for it.Was it worth it?Dont know.If my grandma is happy with the amount I should have just follow suit.
The compensation haven't been count yet but there are some "GOV Official" coming to measure the value of the land.

But even if they pay a lot and make my grandma a millionaire,I am sure deep down inside,everybody feel the sadness.Leaving behind the place where you watch your children grow,your memories with your loved ones,all the wedding that have been done there etc etc.

I am not opposing the development but the rate of Malay owned land being taken have been seriously been on full throttle.You cannot have the same feeling living on a "Taman" or housing area that have terrace house.The feeling of going back to a real village is different.

With the project commencing earlier next year,three families of my relatives that have been staying there have to move somewhere else.What's the point of having a beautiful highway when your past and present have been taken from you.What is the value of a Malay now?Is it so cheap that we dont have the right to oppose the project just for the sake of development.Where is our right as the original owner?All the planning of opening a small restaurant on the lot have been on hold.The cement for the floor have been done.

I as a Malay,cannot do anything about this because the power is not in the people hands.To quote the character V from "V For Vendetta" - The people should not be afraid of the government,the government should be afraid of the people.

For modernization,Malay land have been taken.As a people I would like to ask the government,why is it that the highway is planned not crossing the Langgar town.Why does it divert from there?Scared?Dont want to oppose the majority there?

Is that why we,the unfortunate people of Batu 19 1/4 have to pay?
Thanks Government.I feel lucky to be living in a country where the name of the country is the name of my race.Thanks a lot.So,this is my last raya there.Next year Raya we go somewhere else.

Oktober 10, 2007

Single Review - Foo Fighters:The Pretender

Foo Fighters is getting shittier and shittier everyday.

The last album,In Your Honor was one of the most blandest song (CD2) and not good enough collection (CD1).The problem with Dave Grohl nowadays is that he thinks he's too good to do a double album and be proud of it.He is a better musician compared to his old pal,Kurt Cobain but in creating a song hooks and catchiness,he always have to rely on a lot of screaming up the tempo of his song nowadays.

As his Nirvana's day influence have been waning,the song from Foo's have becomerather stagnant and disjointed."Pretender" the new single is one those single whereyou will maybe like it from your first and second listen,by the third listening youwill be searching for Foo's old album just to make sure is this the same Dave Grohlwho was the man responsible for the masterpiece "The Color and The Shape"

"Pretender" sound tired.It is a trademark of Foo's single starting from their Shit single "All My Life." Lots of screaming and trying too hard to rock.

The guardian of music is falling.Just make it stop Dave.Dont let Fall Out Boy replace you.Never ever let that happen.

Rating - 3/10

Arsenal Unsung Heroes : Alex Song

Give him 2 years more and he will prove the critics wrong.Some love for Song.

Oktober 09, 2007

The End of The World Is Near:Islamic Leader is Hopeless

One rules that are strongly believed and hold in Islam is the leaders (before they were called Khalifah now they are called Perdana Menteri,Pemimpin,Menteri,Orang Kaya or Kaki Sapu Duit) is that they were the one who are supposed to be the one that upheld the virtue of Islam.

Meanings that,if Islam in Malaysia have been worngly abused,he's responsible.If Muslim have been a victim of racist abused,the leader is responsible.If a Muslim wants to re-convert or (Allah forbid) convert to another religion,the leaders are responsible.

Even though in Malaysia,Sultan is the Head of Islam,with this kind of comment (if it is true) from our Prime Minister himself (a son of a religious man) it means that there are actually no use of these so called leaders to declare themselve as leaders of Muslim generally.

If a Muslim wanting to convert to another religion,one have to pay in front of Allah.The leader of Muslim country who let their people to convert or left Islam should be leading the pack to hell.We fight for another Muslim because this is our task.Don't just let them go towards other beliefs and left what he/she believes before.

A leader of a Muslim country (the so called "Islam Hadhari") should be stern and firm.Never let Islam be push aside anyway they like.If a Prime Minister cant be the pole that Muslim hangs on,should we just change the pole only or can we just change the structure?

One question,do the structure needs re-structuring?
Next year voting begins.
Choose wisely.

Google Search For The Person Mention

Original Article

Oktober 03, 2007

David Letterman Hates Convicts

David Letterman have the sharpest tongue EVER,the only gripe is that he didnt go on and make the bitch cry.

Motosikal berkuasa tinggi dilarang guna Plus

PARIT 1 Okt. – Kementerian Kerja Raya mungkin mengharamkan motosikal berkuasa tinggi daripada menggunakan Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan jika pemiliknya terus mengabaikan aspek keselamatan dan undang-undang jalan raya.

Menterinya, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu berkata, penunggang motosikal berkuasa tinggi sering menjadikan lebuh raya itu sebagai medan berlumba sehingga membahayakan orang lain.

Malah, beliau sendiri pernah mengalami saat-saat yang menakutkan apabila terserempak dengan golongan itu yang menunggang dengan terlalu laju.

“Semalam, apabila saya berada di Lebuh raya Utara Selatan, saya lihat motosikal besar dipandu dengan laju sehingga 170 kilometer sejam, empat buah motosikal besar ditunggang sangat laju di lorong kanan.

“Jadi, saya suka memberi amaran kepada mereka bahawa ini (lebuh raya PLUS) bukan tempat untuk mereka mengadakan perlumbaan motosikal, saya mahu jumpa persatuan mereka dan beri nasihat.

“Kalau selepas itu mereka tidak mahu ikut nasihat, saya akan larang motosikal besar daripada menggunakan lebuh raya,” ujar beliau kepada pemberita selepas melawat projek pembinaan jambatan Sungai Perak di Bota dekat sini hari ini.

Menurut Samy lagi, semua kenderaan yang menggunakan lebuh raya mesti mematuhi undang-undang yang telah ditetapkan terutama sekali berkaitan had laju bagi mengurangkan kemalangan maut di lebuh raya.

Jelas beliau, walaupun masih tidak ada undang-undang yang mengehadkan jumlah motosikal besar menggunakan lorong laju, namun tindakan mereka memandu terlalu laju amat membahayakan pengguna lain.

Katanya, keadaan itu juga tidak sepatutnya berlaku kerana pengguna atau kenderaan lain selain motosikal adalah pengguna yang membayar tol sedangkan penunggang motosikal tidak dikenakan sebarang bayaran.

“Pengguna lebuh raya yang membayar tol mesti berasa selesa dan orang yang guna lebuh raya secara percuma (penunggang motosikal) mesti jaga sikit,” ujarnya.

Sementara itu, Samy Vellu berkata, kementeriannya telah membina sebanyak 16 menara pemerhatian polis di sepanjang Lebuh raya Utara Selatan bernilai RM1 juta.

Katanya, menara berkenaan akan digunakan oleh polis untuk mengesan pemandu yang melanggar pelbagai kesalahan selain memantau kelancaran trafik terutama sekali menjelang musim perayaan.

Ini lah menteri kita.Bodoh.Takde otak.Die tak pernah rasa bwk keta camne.
Duduk seat belakang.Rilek sambil minum wiski.
Pejam mata,tido.Dah sampai mana die nak pegi.

Minyak bukan die keluar duit bayar.Tol bukan setakat die tak bayar,tp die sekali dpt duit tol tu.

Ni lah contoh perosak negara.
Masuk sekali dengan pemimpin lain yang takde otak.
Tau nak buat projek mega2.Rakyat takde moral.Akhlak dah rosak.Siapa salah?Allah dah tetapkan dah tanggung jawab pemimpin.

Kiamat tak lame dah.Akhirat nanti takde dah Tuhan pilih kasih.
Takde dah Tuhan bagi keistimewaan.Nak doa kan pemimpin2 camni bahagia selalu?

Mintak maaf.

September 28, 2007

Journey to Malacca - Food Cheap for Two

I havent been on a long trip for a long time.So I went on a crazy trip with my girlfriend along the coast of Malacca to look for 2 hotel that are situated there.Because the hotel is situated along the beach of Malacca (Pantai Klebang and one other) we have some chance to take a look there because that is my first time going there.

The beach although really nice compared to the beach that you can get in Kedah (Pantai Merdeka) all of it are tarnished by the view of the many ship doing the "additional land project" along the beach line.Talking about giving ways forcefully towards modernization.

The length of the beach has been affected and it makes the beach coast appear really short.You could really hop around from the road side to the water in just 30 metre.It's too short and it makes the sandy area too little for the crowd.

Still I can see families coming (at the middle of the day) having their picnic there.

We stop for lunch on one of the place there.One tips,when you go food hunting,always look for the restaurant with the largest crowd.We did just that and we got our money (my money actually) worth the quality and quantity of food.

For that much food for 2 person,I take that "ikan keli" or in English "Kelly Fish" some prawns,fish ball
and that clams (why is it green I dont want to know) and she take ONE CRAB.How much is it?Only RM10.40 something.Freaking cheap.Wish KL food price would be somewhere like that.

This is the last picture taken that day,the statue of Rembau.My village.Havent been there for a long time.Maybe one day I'll go there just to have a visit.

I will recommend people to go and eat at Klebang there because you can get fresh fish straight from the jetty.Dirt cheap too.The Makcik is also nice.If she want to take me as her son in-law,surely my answer is yes.Food cheap beside the beach.Nice life.Not like KL.Shit.

September 23, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Casey Stoner

As Casey Stoner being crowned the new world champion replacing the one time champs Nicky Hayden and fans favorite Valentino Rossi,he was riding along the track,actually crying under that helmet.

You can see it from his eyes.He work hard for that.

The announcer tell us the viewer that his family,once sacrifice themselves by moving from Australia to UK and living in a trailer just to to make sure they follow their boy steps every way possible.

As he ride along nearing the parking space for winners he stand up open up his helmet and straight away walk and hugs the two best woman in his life,his wife (very cute) and his mom.

The emotion at that time,is high.

As kisses and hugs are given,his mother just stare at him like she is watching his little boy coming home from school.Her stare towards him said it all.It's more special than a wife kisses.
That's how special mother is.No woman or wife can take a place of a mother in a man's heart.

Even if Beyonce AND Shakira suddenly come and want to be Number 1,I would say "No,thanks,Beyonce and Shakira,you can't be the most important person in my heart,now,about the threesome thingy?"

Congratulations Casey Stoner on winning the Moto GP,good to have a great mom behind you right?

So go and wish your mother A Happy Mother's Day,because it supposed to be celebrated every minutes,times,seconds,day and night.then look into her eyes.

You will see yourselves surrounded by her tenderness.
Happy Mother's Day.

September 22, 2007

I Want To Be One Hell of A Serious Musician and Have Groupies

With the rumours flying around about how much Fara Fawzana (u know the girl the girl who got paid every month to act stupid in front of camera in "Melody") got paid...I mean what is wrong with our world,especially Malaysia.

It's like the world is encouraging to study less,become a bimbo more,show your body more and get paid more.How much does Angelina Jolie makes a month?How much does a beautiful female doctor make saving her patients?

I know what I am saying is not that special but really,look at us.We are born in a country that adores stupids and ignore the intellect.

Which movie produce in Malaysia that can be called a FILM is a success?We always knew those crap the BLOODSUCKING FUCKER SHIT RAZAK MOHAIDEEN slapstick can't be called a movie just it is longer than 90 minutes stupid fest will gross higher than anything.

I just watch the trailer for his new "film" premiering this Raya Day.

Starring the funny but totally overused Gitu Gitu Apek...it is still the same formula that would take those Malay people who have never expose themselves to real film.

Okay,I dont want to comment the movie.I just want to comment about the timing.


If your film makes some of my relatives didnt come back just because they want to watch the premiere of OTAI,I hope you burn in the deepest level of hell and be reborn as Monica Lewinsky mouth.

Never underestimate the power of Saiful Apek on the people of Malaysia,mainly Malays.If Apek ask them to vote for certain party,they will follow.

The power to influence the people is just in the wrong hand.From top to bottom.

Razak Mohaideen = George Bush Leftover Shit On The Tissue

September 21, 2007

I Miss My Classes and I Miss My Students

Last Wednesday was the first time in my life I felt like hell riding home.
After the class I go to the staffroom and slept on the floor because nobody's around.
At around 7.15 I take some medicine (because I have to wait for Maghrib) and I cant go join my friend for the "break fasting" (is this the correct terms?)

So I just slept there on the floor until 8.15 and because I was worried being locked in the staffroom I start my journey home.

That was the worst feeling a rider can get.

I cant open my eyes.I felt like the journey is too long.I have to takes 3 breaks just to sit down beside the road and splash some water on my face so that I am awake.There were some observer who looks really weird with my behavior but who cares...

With heavy heads and sleepy eyes I just ride hom slowly and after passing Kajang I pick up my speed a bit so that I can arrive faster.While riding I have to said motivational word to myslef so that I dont fell asleep or worst ..fainted.

That's how bad the fever is.Now I am feeling much better.Havent eat much except 2 murtabak and a Chicken Maggi from Wednesday.If only I lost my appetite but it didnt come with this sick and nauseating feelings,surely I will lose this big stomach.

Havent smoke at all since Wednesday.Maybe later this evening.

September 01, 2007

Arsenal Have Signed Lassana Diarra

Damn Arsene Wenger.
You always play around with your false word and said lies.
Suddenly you bring in somebody.

I don't know why the reason is but I surely like the way you operate.
Always stealthy and espionage-like

Almost like Solid Snake.
Now,if only Wenger can sneak to Italy and bring Kaka in a box to England

First Time Buying An Original American Movie DVD

Before this,all my original DVD's are only of Stephen Chow's and Jet Li's HK Movies.
This is mainly of the reason that they sell it at REASONABLE price.Have been eyeing the original Transformers The Movie (cartoon one) for a long time but just realized that this is a Chinese Version,no English VO,no English Subtitle.

So I was a little down.Browsing through the collection of DVD's at Speedy Video in Cheras here,I found something interesting.

What the hell?The price is quite a bargain now.Almost all DVD's are now priced at RM39.90.Before this the price usually hovers around RM69.90 a pop.That is quite expensive for any working class Malaysian dude.

So,I look through all the collection they got and I got this 2 bargains collection.

The Matrix Reloaded 2 Disc Edition - RM19.90

This one is quite nice for that price.To get a special edition of 2 DVD9 movies from the pirated copies will cost RM24.Original is cheaper

Rambo - The Ultimate Collection

For the price of RM49.90,you can get all 3 John Rambo massacre adventure.That means one movie is only around Rm16 something.Yeah you can get the whole Rambo movie in one DVD for RM15 from Pirate but the picture quality is SHIT.

All movies come with Dual Layer Disc so that means that you have the option of DD5.1,DTS or DD2.0.

With all the localization of DVD's,surely the pirated stuff can be curb down.
Now,do the same for PC software and PS2/PS3 games.
Next target,Jack Nicholson classic's,One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.Happy Independence From Pirate's DVD