Oktober 20, 2007

The Last Raya Here : The Value of Malays= RM4/feet

I have been spending my childhood in my village in Kuala Nerang,Kedah for as long as I can start remembering things.Sometimes when I look back at my childhood picture,I realized I have been spending a lot of time there.Then I go to school in KL for 10 years and until now I am staying here as a passenger living in this overcrowded city.

Since I am 14 years old,I will always go back for Hari Raya at Kuala Nerang,Kedah.
12 years later or exactly the last Raya,that will be my last Raya there.Why?Is it because I dont have relatives anymore?Or I was thrown out of family?


The Government (after this I will just use the GOV abbreviation) is already starting the highway project.They will take the land that people are living on and pay some money as the compensation for it.Was it worth it?Dont know.If my grandma is happy with the amount I should have just follow suit.
The compensation haven't been count yet but there are some "GOV Official" coming to measure the value of the land.

But even if they pay a lot and make my grandma a millionaire,I am sure deep down inside,everybody feel the sadness.Leaving behind the place where you watch your children grow,your memories with your loved ones,all the wedding that have been done there etc etc.

I am not opposing the development but the rate of Malay owned land being taken have been seriously been on full throttle.You cannot have the same feeling living on a "Taman" or housing area that have terrace house.The feeling of going back to a real village is different.

With the project commencing earlier next year,three families of my relatives that have been staying there have to move somewhere else.What's the point of having a beautiful highway when your past and present have been taken from you.What is the value of a Malay now?Is it so cheap that we dont have the right to oppose the project just for the sake of development.Where is our right as the original owner?All the planning of opening a small restaurant on the lot have been on hold.The cement for the floor have been done.

I as a Malay,cannot do anything about this because the power is not in the people hands.To quote the character V from "V For Vendetta" - The people should not be afraid of the government,the government should be afraid of the people.

For modernization,Malay land have been taken.As a people I would like to ask the government,why is it that the highway is planned not crossing the Langgar town.Why does it divert from there?Scared?Dont want to oppose the majority there?

Is that why we,the unfortunate people of Batu 19 1/4 have to pay?
Thanks Government.I feel lucky to be living in a country where the name of the country is the name of my race.Thanks a lot.So,this is my last raya there.Next year Raya we go somewhere else.

Oktober 10, 2007

Single Review - Foo Fighters:The Pretender

Foo Fighters is getting shittier and shittier everyday.

The last album,In Your Honor was one of the most blandest song (CD2) and not good enough collection (CD1).The problem with Dave Grohl nowadays is that he thinks he's too good to do a double album and be proud of it.He is a better musician compared to his old pal,Kurt Cobain but in creating a song hooks and catchiness,he always have to rely on a lot of screaming up the tempo of his song nowadays.

As his Nirvana's day influence have been waning,the song from Foo's have becomerather stagnant and disjointed."Pretender" the new single is one those single whereyou will maybe like it from your first and second listen,by the third listening youwill be searching for Foo's old album just to make sure is this the same Dave Grohlwho was the man responsible for the masterpiece "The Color and The Shape"

"Pretender" sound tired.It is a trademark of Foo's single starting from their Shit single "All My Life." Lots of screaming and trying too hard to rock.

The guardian of music is falling.Just make it stop Dave.Dont let Fall Out Boy replace you.Never ever let that happen.

Rating - 3/10

Arsenal Unsung Heroes : Alex Song

Give him 2 years more and he will prove the critics wrong.Some love for Song.

Oktober 09, 2007

The End of The World Is Near:Islamic Leader is Hopeless

One rules that are strongly believed and hold in Islam is the leaders (before they were called Khalifah now they are called Perdana Menteri,Pemimpin,Menteri,Orang Kaya or Kaki Sapu Duit) is that they were the one who are supposed to be the one that upheld the virtue of Islam.

Meanings that,if Islam in Malaysia have been worngly abused,he's responsible.If Muslim have been a victim of racist abused,the leader is responsible.If a Muslim wants to re-convert or (Allah forbid) convert to another religion,the leaders are responsible.

Even though in Malaysia,Sultan is the Head of Islam,with this kind of comment (if it is true) from our Prime Minister himself (a son of a religious man) it means that there are actually no use of these so called leaders to declare themselve as leaders of Muslim generally.

If a Muslim wanting to convert to another religion,one have to pay in front of Allah.The leader of Muslim country who let their people to convert or left Islam should be leading the pack to hell.We fight for another Muslim because this is our task.Don't just let them go towards other beliefs and left what he/she believes before.

A leader of a Muslim country (the so called "Islam Hadhari") should be stern and firm.Never let Islam be push aside anyway they like.If a Prime Minister cant be the pole that Muslim hangs on,should we just change the pole only or can we just change the structure?

One question,do the structure needs re-structuring?
Next year voting begins.
Choose wisely.

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Oktober 03, 2007

David Letterman Hates Convicts

David Letterman have the sharpest tongue EVER,the only gripe is that he didnt go on and make the bitch cry.

Motosikal berkuasa tinggi dilarang guna Plus

PARIT 1 Okt. – Kementerian Kerja Raya mungkin mengharamkan motosikal berkuasa tinggi daripada menggunakan Lebuh Raya Utara Selatan jika pemiliknya terus mengabaikan aspek keselamatan dan undang-undang jalan raya.

Menterinya, Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu berkata, penunggang motosikal berkuasa tinggi sering menjadikan lebuh raya itu sebagai medan berlumba sehingga membahayakan orang lain.

Malah, beliau sendiri pernah mengalami saat-saat yang menakutkan apabila terserempak dengan golongan itu yang menunggang dengan terlalu laju.

“Semalam, apabila saya berada di Lebuh raya Utara Selatan, saya lihat motosikal besar dipandu dengan laju sehingga 170 kilometer sejam, empat buah motosikal besar ditunggang sangat laju di lorong kanan.

“Jadi, saya suka memberi amaran kepada mereka bahawa ini (lebuh raya PLUS) bukan tempat untuk mereka mengadakan perlumbaan motosikal, saya mahu jumpa persatuan mereka dan beri nasihat.

“Kalau selepas itu mereka tidak mahu ikut nasihat, saya akan larang motosikal besar daripada menggunakan lebuh raya,” ujar beliau kepada pemberita selepas melawat projek pembinaan jambatan Sungai Perak di Bota dekat sini hari ini.

Menurut Samy lagi, semua kenderaan yang menggunakan lebuh raya mesti mematuhi undang-undang yang telah ditetapkan terutama sekali berkaitan had laju bagi mengurangkan kemalangan maut di lebuh raya.

Jelas beliau, walaupun masih tidak ada undang-undang yang mengehadkan jumlah motosikal besar menggunakan lorong laju, namun tindakan mereka memandu terlalu laju amat membahayakan pengguna lain.

Katanya, keadaan itu juga tidak sepatutnya berlaku kerana pengguna atau kenderaan lain selain motosikal adalah pengguna yang membayar tol sedangkan penunggang motosikal tidak dikenakan sebarang bayaran.

“Pengguna lebuh raya yang membayar tol mesti berasa selesa dan orang yang guna lebuh raya secara percuma (penunggang motosikal) mesti jaga sikit,” ujarnya.

Sementara itu, Samy Vellu berkata, kementeriannya telah membina sebanyak 16 menara pemerhatian polis di sepanjang Lebuh raya Utara Selatan bernilai RM1 juta.

Katanya, menara berkenaan akan digunakan oleh polis untuk mengesan pemandu yang melanggar pelbagai kesalahan selain memantau kelancaran trafik terutama sekali menjelang musim perayaan.

Ini lah menteri kita.Bodoh.Takde otak.Die tak pernah rasa bwk keta camne.
Duduk seat belakang.Rilek sambil minum wiski.
Pejam mata,tido.Dah sampai mana die nak pegi.

Minyak bukan die keluar duit bayar.Tol bukan setakat die tak bayar,tp die sekali dpt duit tol tu.

Ni lah contoh perosak negara.
Masuk sekali dengan pemimpin lain yang takde otak.
Tau nak buat projek mega2.Rakyat takde moral.Akhlak dah rosak.Siapa salah?Allah dah tetapkan dah tanggung jawab pemimpin.

Kiamat tak lame dah.Akhirat nanti takde dah Tuhan pilih kasih.
Takde dah Tuhan bagi keistimewaan.Nak doa kan pemimpin2 camni bahagia selalu?

Mintak maaf.