Februari 26, 2009

Thanks For The Very Good Reply

at first i feel u r loaded with so much ideas, but after a few times i browse to ur blog, i find it u r such a negative person whom trying to manipulate the other ppls weaknesses.though it's a personal thought from u,but i really think, not all the national agenda consists a bad hidden agenda. i really surprise when u r so emotional with our first national MPV name, yeah u r right it has a feminine side in terms of name but dun you think we should support our local brands in order to get through all challenges that come forward.

we r in the process of build up the nation, thus to keep us running high and high you and the others should give a hand to support malaysian stuffs and not vise versa. But what ever it is im really proud because ur blog are generating the thinking process among ur server.good luck.keep pen ur ideas and thought.

Thanks for the great reply!

it's not just about the national car makers,this is just one of the few example i always used to show as a way to properly explained my views.we do know who is the people behind the idea of a national car maker,let us look at whether they are actually supporting Proton,like us,the rakyat.

If we look at Proton,the main supporter is the people,right?is that enough?is it right for the "chosen few" to ask the rakyat to support the national car while they are actually using some other brand.They were asking the rakyat to be patient and be kind to Proton but they are cruising around with their Rolls Royce and their Mercedes.

where's the support from the pak menteri's?

is it because their income could afford them BMW and Ferrari,they forgot to support the national car and the rakyat with the lower income bracket,they can only afford a Proton because of what?

Because the government said so!That is the thing that I am going against.

We are not given choices.We are forced to pick Proton if we cannot afford other brands.How do they force us?The tax rate for international car in Malaysia,we are the 2nd highest being tax for vehicle price.

Nobody ever come up with an answer for this question...

why do other car maker can actually sell their car at the same price level with proton cars while maintaining a much much higher quality on the international market?we do realize that the difference between the market price of suzuki swift and proton savvy in Australia is actually quite minimal.

here in Malaysia?

we do know that for Proton to really penetrate the MPV market in Malaysia is to offer a similar quality product but with a much cheaper price.The question is can they do it man to man,same price,same quality,no taxes to other kind of MPV (without editing the other MPV price to be much higher just to make sure Proton Exora looks much more afforable?)...

Can Proton prove themselves or they will have to ask the government to raise the import tax for the foreign mpv brand just to get a foothold in the MPV market here?

And I don't want to start complaining about the unfair market for the motorcycle lovers,the toll gate blocking the road and the horrible-horrible public transport.Do remember that if you are driving a foreign car,you are also paying the government taxes while you are paying the absurd toll collection.Where does all this money go?

Oh,before I forgot,sorry if I do sound a bit negative lately.I got alerted by one of the reader that my posting lately is kinda "emo" sounding.There's a reason to it but I don't think it is suitable for me to voice it out here.I don't want to offend "the soon to be PM best buddy."

And I don't have any interest for money or power,I don't want to be a politician.I just want to make sure that anything wrong being done in Malaysia is not being spoon fed to the rakyat as "patriotism spirit."

Thanks for the encouragement and keep commenting.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

totally agree, buy german car..

Iskandar Shah berkata...

Go go cayuk...

Buy SAAB - dah tutup kedai
Buy GM - Nak tutup kedai
Buy Chevrolet - Nak tutup kedai
Buy Chrysler - nak tutup kedai
Buy Volvo - Volvo truck pun tak nak beli balik Volvo cars

naik je Scania ke Man, itulah transport aku hari2 gi keje... huhuhu... cepat la Spring, boleh aku gi kerja jogging...

milo boyd berkata...

tot ko buang sme lagu M.nasir dalam blog ko ni..dan ko masukkan lagu scoin,spin,stink,stoink ect. camtuh baru org m'sia paham ape yg ko cube sampai kan..


kucai berkata...

emokah ekau tot..
ada skit2 kot..

Penunggang Phoenix I berkata...

nak dengar cerita pasal dilema seorang mat motor pulak~ hehhe.

rfq berkata...

thanks for ur effort to xplain regarding my last comment. touch abt our latest and most hot issue which is about tremendous rise of toll price. i think govermnt should reconsider b4 they implement that such jerk idea. imagine i was calculate the price that i shld pay if im travel from j.b back to penang it costs me around rm800(return).that price is so absurd, its afford a first class MH ticket from south-north.we need to do something.

Mantot berkata...

haha,dilema mat motor?
takyah lah,bukan ada orang peduli,kami ni golongan kasta paling rendah

Tanpa Nama berkata...

hebat jg ko speaking london..hehe

Tanpa Nama berkata...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?