Jun 25, 2008

Album Review : Biffy Clyro - Puzzle

Are you a fans of Foo Fighters?

But you are tired of seeing Foo Fighters becoming so lazy and formulaic?Feeling you are wasting your time when you are listening to the new material that Dave Grohl have produced since the good but not spectacular "There Is Nothing Left to Lose" or wondering where has the man who wrote the brilliant "Colours And The Shape" have gone too?

Enter Biffy Clyro latest album,"Puzzle."

"Puzzle" is their forth album from this Scottish band.For those who didn't really heard of this band before or think their name is weird to pronounce,just imagine Biffy lLyro was once dubbed "The British Nirvana"

Yeah,that's how they sound like,before.But in their latest album (2007 album) "Puzzle",Simon Neil,Biffy frontman is going to places where Dave Grohl have been before Foo become so predictable."Puzzle" is Biffy most accessible album and therefore,they have become widely recognizable.This means divided opinion between the old fans and the new fans.This album does a sound a bit like what Dave Grohl should have been writing all along.

Opening tracks,"Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies" is a powerful track,opening with a opera style drumming and guitar with a powerful harmony at the back before launching on towards a rocking tune along the chorus,going from heavy to mellow melody asking God when he's turn to die.

"Saturday Superhouse" shown a lot of Foo's influence from the rock melody,still heavy but very melodic.The singer,Simon Neil does sound a bit like Dave Grohl a bit here.

"Who's Got A Match" is an excellent live with the funky guitar work and the simple foot stomping chorus and this song sounds a lot like Queens of The Stone Age "No One Knows" with the guitar work."As Dust Dance" is a totally new songs from Biffy because they haven't try anything this mellow before,sounding more towards a relaxing ballad but as the song goes on,the distrotion start to kick on and the song does become much-much grander.But the lyrics let the song down a bit.

"A Whole Child Ago" and "The Conversation Is.."is two songs that have similar style,playing with the "slow-loud-slow-loud" that have been remarkably used by Nirvana and Nirvana's drummer band.

"Now I'm Everyone" is a forgettable track,it just sound like the band playing along at first until the excellent solo lead and riff at the end save the song before it becoming dull."Semi-Mental" is what do you get when you combine Dave Grohl and Josh Homme brain together."Love Has A Diameter" is relaxing in a strange way with the drum marching on along and the vocal harmony from the band.

"Get Fucked Stud" buzz along with a really heavy verse and a very melodic chorus before Biffy Clyro shows Dave Grohl how to scream properly. Then we have a very special songs titled "Folding Stars",dedicated for Simon Neil mom who have passed away and her name is mentioned in the lyrics.When first youheard the song,it does sound a bit simple but when you learn the story and meaning about the lyric,the song shows it's strength.

"9/15ths" is like a church group praying to the god,it does sound a bit weird to me.Last song in this album is "Machines," a simple acoustic song about people who didn't realize what they have in life,simply brilliant.

If you have been reading this,you realized that I do refer a lot the album to the Foo Fighters.It's not just simple comparison,I am just saying if you hate the last 3 album from Foo Fighters,you will love this album.Eventhough "Puzzle" does sound a bit different than their 3 past album (more commercial,more radio friendly)it is much better than whatever crap Dave Grohl is feeding his fans nowadays.

If you like Nirvana or Bush's first album and second album,try Biffy Clyro's album "Blackened Sky,"just listen to the 3 brilliant single (57,27,Justboy) and if you really like experimentation in your music go for their 2nd and 3rd album "The Vertigo of Bliss" and "Infinity Land."For Fall Out Boy fans,please go kill yourself.

Biffy Clyro does remind me a lot of Nirvana."British Nirvana" they are.

Rating - 8.5/10
Genre - Rock,Metal,Punk

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