Disember 08, 2007

History Text Books and the Influence On A Child's Life.

Remembering what I have learned before in secondary school History lesson,I always taught that those radical leader such as Ahmad Boestaman and Shamsiah Fakeh were the bad guys.

This is when I cant understand what politics is all about,the beliefs and the personal opinion of everyone is different.Everybody have a different method but most of them have the same objective,to get the Independence.

I am teach that those who opposed the government before was always the bad guy.Government is the good guys so we have to support them,because they are the bearer of truth.They are great and they are the one who got the rights to lead our nation.

That is the effects of a History text book that have been influencing me until around the last 2 years.

It wont surprise me in the future if my son and daughters are being taught that Anwar Ibrahim,Nik Aziz and all opposition will be announce as "The Bad Guys of Malaysian History" in the future text books.Hell,even before this (when I do trust the government) I always believe that Lim Kit Siang is a really evil dude and Muhammad Sabu is the devil's minion.

Facts should be corrected because if history does teach us about the past,the history shouldn't lie.
Let us change the future.We can put there that the Government once have been ruled by monkeys and chimpanzee.Truth should be told.

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