November 05, 2007

Film Review - 30 Days of Night

More like 30 minutes of pain.

The film start well,although a little bit slow at the start.

The first 20 minutes the story is focused more towards the establishing the back story of a town called...errr...I dont remember the name of the town,where on one month of each year,the sun will never shows up and left the little snowy town sunless for a month.

Our hero,Eben (Josh Hartnett) is the Sherriff of the little town and as a simple way to make sure no one ask why his wife,Stella is also a brave and strong character,they made her a firewoman so that we know she's traiend well and will not have any problem facing danger.Both Eben and Stella have marital problem and around the middle of the story only you learn why they are filing for divorce.It's stupid actually,so just dont bother about it.Stella wants to leave town.Accident happen.Stella have to go back because she cannot leave because the plane has left and she's trapped in the town.

Getting less interesting.
There was a stranger who suddenly pop out of nowhere when most of the people are going to leave the town.Who is he?What do he want?The man look like he brings trouble saying things about "they" are coming.Intriguing.

Then "they" showed up.The vampires.For the first 30 minutes when they still concealed themselves around the dark,the film is really-really good.How they poach their victim,the way they just suddenly pop out from nowhere.It was thrilling.Really good stuff.

Then suddenly the vampire pack want to be more in the spotlight.After that all they do is posing and look stupid.The leader of the vampire is the worst.He's the worst out of all.Always trying to look good in front of the camera.Come on!You are vampires,not Dracula.

Everything goes downhill from there.
The acting is wooden.Josh Hartnett cant get away with all those lifeless expression.Luckily his group of survivor saves the day in acting.Both of the main stars are dull.The gang got together and actually survive easily because there is no tension at all.They just sat there and survive.Some of those who didnt survive,it is not because they got chase but just because they are stupid and want to go and take a walk.

One scene that really save the film is the scene in the grocery store.That one is chilling.Bloody hell it's disturbing.

All the talk about the improve vampire breed is rubbish.Nothing new here except that they have smaller,yellower teeth and they like to pose,a lot.Imagine all those testosterone "300" scene where they are watching the Persian ship sunk while posing and flexing their muscle,just replace the Spartans with vampire with expensive clothing.

And WTF with the climatic scene and the ending?

A big letdown.The last section lack tension and scary moment.

Rating - C+ Conclusions - A film needing a much better ending and stronger main cast.Please,hide the vampire next time.That should help the sequel if there will be "30 Days of Night The Next Year"

Recommendations - Dawn of The Dead,Night Watch

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