Disember 19, 2007

I Blamed The Government If I Have Eaten Porks

In this country,where Islam is the official religion of the country,most of us are still scared to go and eat in some places.

I am talking about the very loose law of restrictions of Halal Food in Malaysia.

We heard about the bread made by a factory that looks to be contaminated.Feeling the heat from the dropped of sales,they take the beautiful Fasha Sandha (I met her once,she's really gorgeous,I can see her panty lines on her soft and very white long tight pants and it was beautiful) as the spokesperson for the Bread.Case solved.

We heard about the dangerous chemical that are put on our toothpaste.To really fight this allegations,
the company provided a full page ads on the official national government newspaper to announce that their products is safe.

Then we got the meat and chicken things.

This is very sensitive issues.I would like to clarify to all that :

1) Even if you dont mixed pork in your cooking but you used the same cutleries and frying pans to fry pork,it is deemed non-halal

2) After washing the cutleries that have been touch with pork using the most powerful cleaning agent in the world,scrubs for one night using iron wool and disinfected using the Pasteurising Machine,it is still NOT HALAL

3) A chicken that is chopped in the head until the head seperated from its body and pronounced dead by a muscular butcher using the sharpest knife in the world,that chicken is NON HALAL if the butcher is Non Muslim

4) Even if wine is evaporated and become non alcoholic once it touches heat,the food is still NOT HALAL

5) Any Muslim who takes alcoholic drinks are not worthy of being a Muslim.In Islam,one drop of alcohol in your body makes your prayer count as redundant for 40 days.If you take one glass,how long is your prayer will be dismissed?If you take one glass a day for a whole year,surely your prayer is only just for exercise.

Government doesnt have a strict rule to protect the Muslim.We are afraid of everything we eat.The growth of the supposed "Mamak Restaurant" is a threat,because we are not sure is it a real Mamak (A Muslim Indian) or just Indian?

I am sure some non-Malay would think that this is rubbish,we are just making things so hard for ourselves.But this is the beauty of Islam.There are many things that Non-Muslim will not understand why we Muslim adhere to it.Please dont treat this as simply as "coughing at the stairs" (melepaskan batuk di tangga)

One thing I would ask the government to do (hopefully the new government next year) is that the implementation of a more strict control on Halal food.Making Malaysia a regional hub for halal food is a good step but make sure the base/foundation in Malaysia is strong first.

You should know as a Muslim where to eat and where you cant eat.

A famous steak house franchise in Malaysia is a strict no no no,I have a friend who work there before.He just said to me,dont eat there,they use wine,specifically red wine on their steak.But why no action is taken against them?There are still no official announcement from the government.Have to check website?How about those who dont have internet?

We need to clarify this before it is too late.If I have ever eaten pork,I blamed it on the government.Why?Because they are mostly Muslim too and they never do anything about it.Why dont they take action?Because some of them of them also enjoy the Non Halal thing.Including bribes....that is NON HALAL ALSO.

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rightbrainer berkata...

is that girl holding the pig... for real? >_<

Mantot berkata...


yeah..she's a veterinarian doctor.i think in her case,she's allowed to do that.her mistake is that she showed it to the world.

Hanna J. Potter berkata...

informative. *^^*

Rosalind berkata...

Keep up the good work.

iamBIG berkata...

boleh x klu kita soh jer mane2 mamak time dia serve kita 2 ngucap, dikira melampau x klu buat mcm 2...

adanhayad berkata...

bro. izinkan aku jadi cikgu bm jap. melepaskan batok di tangga, bukan bermakna coughing.

batok : gayung yg dibuat dari tempurung kelapa yg org dulu2 gune utk amek air dlm tempayan tepi tangga utk basuh kaki sebelum masuk rumah.

ape pon, 2 hari 2 malam aku dok ngadap blog bro (sbb baru jumpe), isi die mmg berisi. nice la bro!