September 22, 2007

I Want To Be One Hell of A Serious Musician and Have Groupies

With the rumours flying around about how much Fara Fawzana (u know the girl the girl who got paid every month to act stupid in front of camera in "Melody") got paid...I mean what is wrong with our world,especially Malaysia.

It's like the world is encouraging to study less,become a bimbo more,show your body more and get paid more.How much does Angelina Jolie makes a month?How much does a beautiful female doctor make saving her patients?

I know what I am saying is not that special but really,look at us.We are born in a country that adores stupids and ignore the intellect.

Which movie produce in Malaysia that can be called a FILM is a success?We always knew those crap the BLOODSUCKING FUCKER SHIT RAZAK MOHAIDEEN slapstick can't be called a movie just it is longer than 90 minutes stupid fest will gross higher than anything.

I just watch the trailer for his new "film" premiering this Raya Day.

Starring the funny but totally overused Gitu Gitu is still the same formula that would take those Malay people who have never expose themselves to real film.

Okay,I dont want to comment the movie.I just want to comment about the timing.


If your film makes some of my relatives didnt come back just because they want to watch the premiere of OTAI,I hope you burn in the deepest level of hell and be reborn as Monica Lewinsky mouth.

Never underestimate the power of Saiful Apek on the people of Malaysia,mainly Malays.If Apek ask them to vote for certain party,they will follow.

The power to influence the people is just in the wrong hand.From top to bottom.

Razak Mohaideen = George Bush Leftover Shit On The Tissue

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Blood Seeker berkata...

Aku pun bohsan jugak. Formula yg sama je dia pakai.

baru2 ni dia buat citer antu (rasukan ablasa).