November 12, 2007

Bersih Rally - We Are Being Counquered By Our Own Kind

10 November 2007

This will the first time in my life I felt the effects of tear gas.It have a very sharp effect that really hurt your eyes,make you cant breath and block your nose in pain.

Luckily for us that day,we arrive a bit late.Just arrived at Masjid Jamek and what awaits us was the sharp smell of tear gas.Damn,the FRU are really serious.As we walked I could see a lot of old women and little children covering their face up with anything they got.

We take the elevators and as we step upstairs,some policemen are closing the LRT Station."Jalan,jalan"(move,move) they order a Malay man who are trying to get into the LRT Station.Maybe his wife and children are in there,who knows?

The gas still doesnt clear up from my lungs and it hurts a bit.This is just the leftover that I felt.What if we are on the frontline when the gas being fired.Shit,it will hurt.Stepping outside,a lot of people are there.We circle and look around.Masjid Jamek is full with supporters.Man,women,families.All of them are there.

The FRU are everywhere.One group in front of the bank.One group surrounding the Fire Truck (the one which carries the water gun) All of them are equipped with their baton (or riot stick) and shield.
We make our way towards the Burger King there because we are hungry (haha) and walk past in front of the Fire Truck.One officer are instructing the people to leave and go home.They shout back "Allahhu-Akbar,Allahhu-Akbar" (Allah is All Mighty)

Shit,the BK is closed.They barred the door from inside and we can see the customer are still inside,trapped.As we stand there and just watch (without doing anything to provoke the FRU) they are starting to scared us by trying to shoot the water gun again(they have shot 2 times before we were there).Most of us just slowly flee from there a bit,watching the surroundings.One police truck came and stopped by in front of us leaving the door open as a warning sign for those who oppose them,this is where you get in.

We linger around because we got no instructions to go anywhere. Maybe around half hour later,we heard that they are gonna start the march towards the Istana Negara.We are not planning to join them because we got things to do that day.As one of us are using his phone to snap some picture of the FRU,one of them warn us directly "Balik,balik,apa tunggu lagi.Balikla.Tengok apa lagi" (GO back,go back.What are you looking at) With his young face and arms holding the riot stick and shield,he have the power to do anything.Dogs.

So we move on because we know staying there is a waste of time.As the crowd slowly dispersed and start to walk to Istana Negara,I saw a man wearing a umbrella hat displaying the PAS logo.He was carrying his child.One thing,it's good to teach your son/daughter patriotism but wait until he/she's bigger.What will happen if the FRU attack us.You dont want to see a child being killed because surely the government will deny it has happen (and actually doesnt mind it happen)

Dont trust your TV station.Dont trust your Private TV Station.Nobody start the fight.The FRU did.
Just like Pak Lah said in his interview "Saya pantang dicabar" (Dont challenge me) we as the people also have to make our stand.

If the Bersih rally cant make any changes to or "FAIR AND SQUARE" General Elections,at least we have shown who we are.Now lets pray to our God and hope justice is serve.If not during the elections,we see you on the aftermath.

At least the British let our ancestor voice their opinion.
God is Fair.

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