Oktober 10, 2007

Single Review - Foo Fighters:The Pretender

Foo Fighters is getting shittier and shittier everyday.

The last album,In Your Honor was one of the most blandest song (CD2) and not good enough collection (CD1).The problem with Dave Grohl nowadays is that he thinks he's too good to do a double album and be proud of it.He is a better musician compared to his old pal,Kurt Cobain but in creating a song hooks and catchiness,he always have to rely on a lot of screaming up the tempo of his song nowadays.

As his Nirvana's day influence have been waning,the song from Foo's have becomerather stagnant and disjointed."Pretender" the new single is one those single whereyou will maybe like it from your first and second listen,by the third listening youwill be searching for Foo's old album just to make sure is this the same Dave Grohlwho was the man responsible for the masterpiece "The Color and The Shape"

"Pretender" sound tired.It is a trademark of Foo's single starting from their Shit single "All My Life." Lots of screaming and trying too hard to rock.

The guardian of music is falling.Just make it stop Dave.Dont let Fall Out Boy replace you.Never ever let that happen.

Rating - 3/10

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