September 28, 2007

Journey to Malacca - Food Cheap for Two

I havent been on a long trip for a long time.So I went on a crazy trip with my girlfriend along the coast of Malacca to look for 2 hotel that are situated there.Because the hotel is situated along the beach of Malacca (Pantai Klebang and one other) we have some chance to take a look there because that is my first time going there.

The beach although really nice compared to the beach that you can get in Kedah (Pantai Merdeka) all of it are tarnished by the view of the many ship doing the "additional land project" along the beach line.Talking about giving ways forcefully towards modernization.

The length of the beach has been affected and it makes the beach coast appear really short.You could really hop around from the road side to the water in just 30 metre.It's too short and it makes the sandy area too little for the crowd.

Still I can see families coming (at the middle of the day) having their picnic there.

We stop for lunch on one of the place there.One tips,when you go food hunting,always look for the restaurant with the largest crowd.We did just that and we got our money (my money actually) worth the quality and quantity of food.

For that much food for 2 person,I take that "ikan keli" or in English "Kelly Fish" some prawns,fish ball
and that clams (why is it green I dont want to know) and she take ONE CRAB.How much is it?Only RM10.40 something.Freaking cheap.Wish KL food price would be somewhere like that.

This is the last picture taken that day,the statue of Rembau.My village.Havent been there for a long time.Maybe one day I'll go there just to have a visit.

I will recommend people to go and eat at Klebang there because you can get fresh fish straight from the jetty.Dirt cheap too.The Makcik is also nice.If she want to take me as her son in-law,surely my answer is yes.Food cheap beside the beach.Nice life.Not like KL.Shit.

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HazwaniMohamed berkata...

balik la ghombau...singgah gerai sey kek kg batu...sey blanjo sedaro mantot