Disember 06, 2007


Indian live as one of the 3 main race living in Malaysia.The history says that Indians come to work during the British days and being brought to Tanah Melayu as workers for mainly estate area.

Now,after 50 years of independence,they are suing the British government for taking them here and let them live on under pressure from the Malays.Okay,enough about history lesson (cant be called a lesson actually) but just as an introduction.

Until today,we still can see:

1) Chinese controlled the business because they are brought at first to do business in the city (e.g Yap Ah Loy) and they do it by wise business planning and hard work (that part I do respect the Chinese,they deal with you fast and smart)

2) The Malays most of them are still living in rural area and eventhough some of them have migrate to be city citizen,they can only afford to live in Low Cost flat.For those who are really rich,they either one of the Minister,relatives of Minister,a Minister Son in-Law or FUCKING Celebrities with BAD EDUCATION BACKGROUND

3) The Indian still populate the estate.Once I have been travelling along an estate area around Teluk Intan and it's very hard to see other races except Indian.

The effects of British invasion is still felt until today.The question is,is it only the Indians feeling the suffering from it?Was it British fault?

For me personally the answer is a big fat NO.

Malay still live in rural areas.Eventhough the Malay's is the Administrator /Government,Chinese controls the economy.If they are saying the Malay rights is not fair,why aren't Malay's controlling everything? Some of my Chinese friends,they always sigh that it is hard for their family to support their education because only a select few are admitted to any IPTA,they need to spend a lot to go to an IPTS or oversea for education. Malays got the specialty to be admitted but we know that not all that deserved to go there has been admitted.

Malay' s mentality (the rich one) is that you can buy everything with money.The one who have money have power.Rich Malay's with money and power will buy their son and daughter a place in the university.Rich Malay Dad's will surely pay or abuse his power as much as he can to make sure his family will get what they want.

This is the main problem,Rich Malay's,such as Minister and Official are Power Abuser.This is just the minority of the Malay people.The majority like me,my family,my friends and my neighbours,we don't have power.We do have some money that is enough for us to survive.

The truth is we as the majority Malay's also "JUST SURVIVING" in this country call Malaysia.

The rich Malay's,well they can do anything they want.They are the minority here.With all the talks off asking the removal of Malay rights,I think that HINDRAF is asking for something not right.

Let us join our hands,Malay,Chinese and Indians to get rid of this "RICH MINORITY MALAYS" who thinks it is appropriate to give titles to celebrities,denies us of our free speech and media transparency and please,let us not quarrel among ourselves.This is what they want.

For a true reformed Malaysia,we should be together.

I as a Malay never felt it exist.It is just a word just to make sure Malay support them.
Who's land they are gonna take next for the Billion Ringgit Highway Project?It's another Malay land.
Just ask my Grandma.


Next time wanting to ask for things,dont forget to invite the others,the Malays and the Chinese too.

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john berkata...


Well Put

Zarina berkata...

Refreshing and thought-provoking.Good job

whazoole berkata...

agree with you.. invite the rest of us too! =D