Disember 12, 2007

BERISH - Lets Bend The Law A Bit

As most of you already knew,
a gathering/rally of more than 5 people needs a permit to be executed.

Even though this will sound dumb a lot,but let us all group together in a group of 4 next time while rallying and always keep a 5 metre distance between each group.

If we do this we are still obeying the "law" and the police have no reason to capture us because...we didnt do anything wrong and we dont need a permit.

The government likes to bend the law to their side,now I think it is just a little fun to do that just to see the reply from the FRU.Surely they will try to gather us altogether and create a reason for it to be illegal.They can do it for their benefit,surely we can do the same.

It's fun to annoy Pak Lah.Lets do it together.

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