Disember 25, 2007

Let Us Sue TM Net Because We Can

Accroding to the report here.US customer subscribing to Comcast have sued the company because they are doing the bandwidth throttling for the Torrent user.Imagine what would happen if somebody have the courage and enough money (just in case) to sue TM Net (TM Nut as usually known in Malaysia)

I think we have a case here.

We are buying a package of 1MB and normally what speed do we got?Around 120KBps per second.I have downloaded a file (straight HTTP donwload) and the best that I could get is 120KBps.Where is the rest bandwidth?

Now they are throttling the Torrent speed download even though the download/upload speed is still not up to par as promise.I think TM Nut have the advantage IF they provide the speed they advertise but they dont and they are already taking some advantage away from us also.

We do realize that Torrent mostly contains thing that are under copyright stuff and downloading anything is wrong but still,the ISP should provide the service as it promised (not on best effort basis) because if best effort is only 256kbps,we shouldn't need to pay full amount monthly.

Comcast Being Sued-Taken By PC World

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rightbrainer berkata...

Same goes with almost every ISP in Malaysia... as advertised: "Speed is upto 1MB". Heck, 0 bps still count as "up to 1MB"

I'm trying Celcom Broadband now, been hearing less complaints about it comparing to TMNut and Maxis... hopefully

Tanpa Nama berkata...

celcom broadband CAP AYAM..i'm using celcom "broad"band..it sucks..damn slow..