September 21, 2007

I Miss My Classes and I Miss My Students

Last Wednesday was the first time in my life I felt like hell riding home.
After the class I go to the staffroom and slept on the floor because nobody's around.
At around 7.15 I take some medicine (because I have to wait for Maghrib) and I cant go join my friend for the "break fasting" (is this the correct terms?)

So I just slept there on the floor until 8.15 and because I was worried being locked in the staffroom I start my journey home.

That was the worst feeling a rider can get.

I cant open my eyes.I felt like the journey is too long.I have to takes 3 breaks just to sit down beside the road and splash some water on my face so that I am awake.There were some observer who looks really weird with my behavior but who cares...

With heavy heads and sleepy eyes I just ride hom slowly and after passing Kajang I pick up my speed a bit so that I can arrive faster.While riding I have to said motivational word to myslef so that I dont fell asleep or worst ..fainted.

That's how bad the fever is.Now I am feeling much better.Havent eat much except 2 murtabak and a Chicken Maggi from Wednesday.If only I lost my appetite but it didnt come with this sick and nauseating feelings,surely I will lose this big stomach.

Havent smoke at all since Wednesday.Maybe later this evening.

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