September 23, 2007

Happy Mother's Day Casey Stoner

As Casey Stoner being crowned the new world champion replacing the one time champs Nicky Hayden and fans favorite Valentino Rossi,he was riding along the track,actually crying under that helmet.

You can see it from his eyes.He work hard for that.

The announcer tell us the viewer that his family,once sacrifice themselves by moving from Australia to UK and living in a trailer just to to make sure they follow their boy steps every way possible.

As he ride along nearing the parking space for winners he stand up open up his helmet and straight away walk and hugs the two best woman in his life,his wife (very cute) and his mom.

The emotion at that time,is high.

As kisses and hugs are given,his mother just stare at him like she is watching his little boy coming home from school.Her stare towards him said it all.It's more special than a wife kisses.
That's how special mother is.No woman or wife can take a place of a mother in a man's heart.

Even if Beyonce AND Shakira suddenly come and want to be Number 1,I would say "No,thanks,Beyonce and Shakira,you can't be the most important person in my heart,now,about the threesome thingy?"

Congratulations Casey Stoner on winning the Moto GP,good to have a great mom behind you right?

So go and wish your mother A Happy Mother's Day,because it supposed to be celebrated every minutes,times,seconds,day and night.then look into her eyes.

You will see yourselves surrounded by her tenderness.
Happy Mother's Day.

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