September 01, 2007

First Time Buying An Original American Movie DVD

Before this,all my original DVD's are only of Stephen Chow's and Jet Li's HK Movies.
This is mainly of the reason that they sell it at REASONABLE price.Have been eyeing the original Transformers The Movie (cartoon one) for a long time but just realized that this is a Chinese Version,no English VO,no English Subtitle.

So I was a little down.Browsing through the collection of DVD's at Speedy Video in Cheras here,I found something interesting.

What the hell?The price is quite a bargain now.Almost all DVD's are now priced at RM39.90.Before this the price usually hovers around RM69.90 a pop.That is quite expensive for any working class Malaysian dude.

So,I look through all the collection they got and I got this 2 bargains collection.

The Matrix Reloaded 2 Disc Edition - RM19.90

This one is quite nice for that price.To get a special edition of 2 DVD9 movies from the pirated copies will cost RM24.Original is cheaper

Rambo - The Ultimate Collection

For the price of RM49.90,you can get all 3 John Rambo massacre adventure.That means one movie is only around Rm16 something.Yeah you can get the whole Rambo movie in one DVD for RM15 from Pirate but the picture quality is SHIT.

All movies come with Dual Layer Disc so that means that you have the option of DD5.1,DTS or DD2.0.

With all the localization of DVD's,surely the pirated stuff can be curb down.
Now,do the same for PC software and PS2/PS3 games.
Next target,Jack Nicholson classic's,One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest.Happy Independence From Pirate's DVD

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