Oktober 09, 2007

The End of The World Is Near:Islamic Leader is Hopeless

One rules that are strongly believed and hold in Islam is the leaders (before they were called Khalifah now they are called Perdana Menteri,Pemimpin,Menteri,Orang Kaya or Kaki Sapu Duit) is that they were the one who are supposed to be the one that upheld the virtue of Islam.

Meanings that,if Islam in Malaysia have been worngly abused,he's responsible.If Muslim have been a victim of racist abused,the leader is responsible.If a Muslim wants to re-convert or (Allah forbid) convert to another religion,the leaders are responsible.

Even though in Malaysia,Sultan is the Head of Islam,with this kind of comment (if it is true) from our Prime Minister himself (a son of a religious man) it means that there are actually no use of these so called leaders to declare themselve as leaders of Muslim generally.

If a Muslim wanting to convert to another religion,one have to pay in front of Allah.The leader of Muslim country who let their people to convert or left Islam should be leading the pack to hell.We fight for another Muslim because this is our task.Don't just let them go towards other beliefs and left what he/she believes before.

A leader of a Muslim country (the so called "Islam Hadhari") should be stern and firm.Never let Islam be push aside anyway they like.If a Prime Minister cant be the pole that Muslim hangs on,should we just change the pole only or can we just change the structure?

One question,do the structure needs re-structuring?
Next year voting begins.
Choose wisely.

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