Disember 31, 2007

New Year Resolution For A Loser

10:30pm : Start "Pro Evolution Soccer 2008" and continue the Master League with my team "Sportsman Village FC"

11:35pm : Stopped playing because I lost in the 1st round of the Cup competition.Realized I have been playing the game for 115 hours.Remind myself,buy the original one later to play online.

11:36pm : Take chocolate milk from refrigerator

11:38pm : Stay at home

This is what my normal routine everyday.Even it is the new years eve,it's still the same day for me.This is a life of a man who have NO LIFE,hahahah.I don't realize when did I turned and become like this.Before this all of us (more than 10 mostly) will go somewhere and celebrate anything.New years,Independence,anything that can be celebrate.

Nowadays it is all about staying home and be in my comfort zone.Comfort.I think it is really important in my life now.Even though I missed out on this so called "Life" and "Celebrations" I would prefer Comfort than any of it.

Maybe because I am a Cancer and that's why I like to stay at home (I read some books on Astrology and some parts such as personality is almost spot on)

Some of my friends they have the urge to go outside and celebrate.They are still enjoying the nightlife that I have learned to hate.A tragedy of picking up two Transvestite to go to a club in PJ is still haunting me until these days.Maybe later I will tell the story of "Rose" and "Mawar" (maybe Rosli and Mawi is their real name)

I think it is fine for those who have taken the same path as me,the Anti Social or the Loser.I think that I have enough friends (that I trust a lot eventhough they cannot keep a secret between them,hehe) and enough close friend at work that I can be with everyday.

New Years?Clubbing?Happening things?Rave Party?
No thanks.

Wow...2008 already.Wishing the 15 readers of this blog :"May 2008 and onwards brings a lot of joy and happiness.Maybe some extra money too."

Old people like to stay ina quiet place.I think I am just getting older than usual.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

guess that makes me the 16th
happy new year

nik berkata...

oi mantot,
aku pon reader ko kalau ko tak tahu...
happy new year 2008...

Mantot berkata...

cayalah nik,