Disember 12, 2007

Firstly Action,Hands,Words,Then Eyes Finally Heart

Anwar Ibrahim has been blacklisted from going outside Malaysia.His passport has been taken by the security for no given reason.

Tian Chua has been detained in front of the Parliment last morning for no apparent reason.

Muhammad Sabu has been detained for being involved in the organization BERSIH and organizing the rally.Reading his daughter and son story about how their father is detained is quite frightening.

The police can do anything they want.The Government can ask the police do anything they want them to.Pak Lah can ask the Government to do anything he wants.Khairy Jamaludin can ask from Pak Lah anything he asked for.Maya Karin can do anything she wants as long as she ask Khairy as sweet as she can.

The question is,who's the most powerful?

Even the court are full of corrupted judge and lawyers.If we are to be trial in Malaysian Court,even if we are innocent,we will surely be deemed guilty.

One thing that we can do is set a date for every Malaysian to pray and ask from their God,to let the God play their hands in this one.We cannot fight using the ballot box because we know it is useless.We know that our voice and choices are anonymous to the Government.

Our God,our belief,is the most powerful things.
Even if we cannot defeat the corrupted by our hands,let us do the praying in our hearts.In our heart,our King is near.Our God is nearer.

Let's God play the full house card now.Please Allah,make Malaysia raining stones while the Elephant Army drove the evildoers from our land.

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