April 20, 2008

Film Review : [REC}

This is a 2007 Spanish film directed by some Spain dude.

The story is about a young,pretty,hot and sexy TV reporter name Angela (Manuela Valesco) and his cameraman Pablo(we never see his face) doing a recording for their shows of what happens during the night in the society.That day,they are supposed to cover the Fire Brigade to see if there is any emergency happen,follows the firemens and shoot the situation.

Later on,they got a call from a woman from a 3 floor apartment building who reports that her neighbours ,an old lady were screaming in her apartment and she asked the fire birgade to check it out.A simple routine check for the firemens and at least some footage for Angela and Pablo to shoot.Daily routine job.

How wrong was them.

Not to spoil anything for you I will just say that this is a "zombie" horror movie.It does starts slow and beginning to pick up pace when they arrive at the old lady's apartment.Bare the first 15 minutes.The film is shot by using the same point of view style used by Blair Witch Projects,Cannibal Holocaust and recently Cloverfield.For those who cannot stand to watch Cloverfield,do not watch this film.

It can give you the same nauseating feelings,maybe not as bad as Cloverfield.
And it is scarier.

The film theme is around abandonment and confinement,how to survive when you are trapped.How to survive when everyone's else is not there.This film is creepy because it does based itself on reality.Reality on how we talked,on how we react to something (maybe some part is quite weak) but most of it are real.This film is one of the creepiest film that I have seen.The style of it is really different compared to Asian horror film.

The weakness is that,there is nothing new for you to see here if you are a zombie movie fans.It's the same old stuff taken to a new height of creepiness.Make sure don't cover your eyes for the last 20 minutes if you are a true horror fans.

Hauntingly,the ending will leave you asking more and still wanting more.
It was breathless.It was downright creepy.

Rating : 8.5/10
Genre : Horror

5 ulasan:

Terang Bulan berkata...

This movie can be seen from cinema ke?
Atau kena cari kat kedai VCD?

Mantot berkata...

cerita camni tak lepas masuk cinema.kene beli cd pirate je.
lagi la cerita spain,cuba carik kat mines wonderland (kalo orang kl la)

kalo ko suke tgk cite2 seram,mmg best la.

arEnA berkata...

cloverfield not bad (american producer dah x d idea smpai wat citer cmtue)..this muvie cm interesting..

zera berkata...

td bru pas tgk movie quarantine..
jln cte die sbijik yg cam awk review tuk movie nih..

nyak berkata...

aku pn bru lpas tgk quarantine.
mmg btul cerita rec dgn quarantine ni sama.
lpas aku tgk trailer dua2 filem ni kat youtube, rupa2nya quarantine ni sbnarnya filem remake oleh org america.
rec pulak cerita asal yg dibuat oleh org spain sbb cerita ni dilakonkn kt barcelona.

sama mcm filem hantu ju-on yg jepun buat.
org america lpas tu remake filem ju-on jd filem 'the grudge'.
konsep lbih kurang sama r tu.