Februari 06, 2008

Why Do Malaysian Hate Singaporean?Jealousy,That's All.

Once,on a highway,me and some friends were driving along the PLUS Highway towards Johor.Then,a Nissan sped alongside us."Cibai,laju gile bawak." (Damn,drive so fast) said my friend the driver.

"Huh,patutla,orang Singapore" (It's Singaporean) said another one of my friend.

"We should hit the car from the back"

"Hahaha,"we laughed hard.

Remembering about that day,today I read about why the Malaysian Chinese on Malaysia Today wont take PAS as their voting choices.Why do we,the Malaysian,dislike Singaporean so much?

Thinking back,it reminds me about the cases of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) wanting to use our air territory for aviation practice in Johor.The Malaysian newspaper make it a big issues that Singapore is "full of egoes" and act like they are "the leader of South East Asia."

The media even reported some comments from our local poltician and most of them condemned the intrusion of our skies by the SAF.Fine for me.It's our skies,they should use their own skies.

Then the on-going fight of Malaysia and Singapore about the Pulau Batu Puteh (Pedra Bianca) that are still in trial.The on-going fight shows that the relation of Singapore and Malaysia are not as well as it seems.

But think again.

Which country is supplying the Singapore water supply as cheap as 3 cents per litre and buy it back at 50 cents per litre?

Malaysia.Who's the loser here?

Which country have one of the best growth in economic and development around the world?Singapore.The loser....Malaysia.

When a prime minister of a country have to lie about statistics of the rate of his country's "daya saing" (abilities to challenge others in economic sectors) it means only 2 things:

1)The economies of Malaysia are bad
2)The Prime Minister is dumb

I don't know why I despise Singaporean and I couldn't find any reason.They are living a better life than us.They are having a better salaries than us.They can afford to buy cars and bikes (big bikes) at VERY reasonable prices and have better vehicle selection.Their economies is much-much better than us.For a country that have almost the same size as one of the smallest state in Malaysia,that's a great achievement.Their politician and leaders are known to be closer to their people (compared to our politicians who only showed up during pre-elections or having a nonsense function that serve good food)

Just because we are Malaysian it doesn't mean we have to join the war of words between Malaysia and Singapore leaders.It doesn't mean Malaysian have to support our leaders just because they are our leaders.We should support the truth and the truth is Malaysian leaders is incompetence compared to our neighbor Politicians.

We hate Singapore because they also want Pulau Batu Puteh but if we win the island,what we,Malaysian,got?

Pride?Money?Better living cost?

Screw all of that.I want my government to be like Singapore government.They are efficient and they know what they are doing,that's why they are there at that level.

Malaysian Government greatest ever skills is they implement so well the usage of Racial Hate and Racial Issues to gather the support of the people.By making the people thinking Malaysia is a much better place to live in then Singapore,they create a false sense of hope and serenity to Malaysian.Think hard and you will see.

That's the reason we despise Singapore.Our Government,knowing they don't know squat told us to do that and they are the one's who sells cheap water to Singapore and buy it back much higher price.Does it shows you they hate each other?No.It just shows that to make all of you feel much better about Malaysia,they have to have a scapegoat to make somebody else looks bad and the Malaysian Government looks good.A tactic of diverting the opinion.

That's where Singapore came in.

They even used the same tactics last year during the trial of Altantuya.Suddenly these guy called Najamawee (sp?) sang Negaraku in Rap version.The Government played the Malaysian Patriotism cards right that time and everyone was talking about it forgetting about the Altantuya case.Is the Altantuya killer caught?Nope,still looking.

Who cares about some Chinese dude rapping or Hattan singing the Negaraku in a different version?I want to know who's involved and killed Altantuya (she's cute)

Malaysian government under these so called UMNO are clueless since Tunku Abdul Rahman era until now.They care about people forming up to protest,a rapper,rock band that have their hair cut live on National television,space tourist,a guy who wants to swim across a Chanel,Mawi and Siti Nurhaliza love story,mat rempit in artic.Do they care about us?Do we need more spirit of patriotism?Do we need more idol to be given Datukship? More like DatukShit

I dont need more Meaningless Idol

Let's change our country and make it actually better than Singapore.
We can hope right,dear Malaysian?

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

Yes,Singapore will lose Malaysia in millitary. But honestly,Singapore's economy is much more better. Last time Malaysia was keep 'bullying' Singapore. But now,Singapore is even better than Malaysia. And now,u made me feel like disliking Malaysians..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Then do you think Singaporeans like Malaysians? In fact, I think you all always like to act pity Singaporeans. Like me previous employer, he was a Singaporean and he keep letting Malaysian come to work late and leave work early all because they act pity and say that they need to take bus back to JB. If its such a chore to come here, why don't they stay at Malaysia and stop snatching our jobs here since they feel so forced. Not only that, the superior (a female Malaysian) keep asking me to come to work the early shift and the late shift. So in total I cover all the work shift and I never get paid any OT at all. She say Malaysian need to go back early if not bus come late. Then don't work here, its so easy. Plus when Malaysian work here, you think I don't know that you get almost thrice the salary after converting to RM, get big house, bought big cars as young as 20+ years old. But what do Singaporean get, after working till old. You know the high expense Singaporean have to pay and put up with foreigner who shows us attitude. Whose more fortunuate?

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Singapore gov should stops those malaysian who are low edu and bad attitude from working here. Only keep those who are really love singapore and willing to settle down here.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Ask the neutral they will tell u why sg is so far ahead from malaysia. Regardless who is the nx ruler, its a fact malaysia will not over take sg let alone smell our butt.In terms of military might...we kno the answer. Why sg is so successful, cos majority of sg citizens are chinese. Why malaysia is lagging behind, cos majority of malaysian are malayu. I call them the untouchable....worst they embrace islam.
Corruption, malays right, spoon fed since birth, fyck n prey non stop hinder their progress. Brain wise as good as zero.If they are tt impressive, how come there are 600k malaysian begging for a living in sg. As of some idiots malaysian in sg. They hv forgotton their social status, try to be ya ya papa ya n act like big brother but can't even speak proper english.Malaysian can't accept the facts tt we are no longer under malaysia and they r a bunch of foreigner in sg who hv got no substance at all. Once born a loser always a loser...e regardless if how impressive a malaysian is....he she knows tt malaysia is as good as a dead country.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Holyshit bro. I don't even understand what you are talking about.