Februari 13, 2008

Barisan Nasional's Trump Card

I don't debate well.
Because when I debate with somebody,I become too emotional.Nearing anger mostly.
I dont like to be corrected if the things corrected are the things I believed in
and I believed that Malaysian are cowards.

Cowards because we asked for change.
But we don't want to change.
We ask for a new government.A better one.
But when it comes to voting times,we are scared.Scared to shift our "race" allegiance.

"Pak Lah's governement sucks but I am a Malay,I don't want Chinese to get the vote.I must vote for a BN representative because he's Malay."

"My name is Ah Meng.I don't want PAS to rule because I don't want an Islamic country.Eventhough
I hate the UMNO guys,I want the Chinese to be in safe hands,I'll vote for MCA"

"Hi,I am Ramamurthy.I must vote Samy Vellu because if I dont vote for him,there will be no more Indian Minister in the Cabinet"

This is our MAIN PROBLEM.We wanting,begging,praying for change.We went to see DSAI speech,join the Bersih rally,HINDRAF rally.But when it is time to cast our vote,we ourselves cast doubt about having other races to be our leader.

This is BN's trump card now.They have been nurturing these feelings for 50 years succesfully and this will be their ultimate weapon on the upcoming election.We do know that BN main component covered all races and that's their advantages.Play it right and the Opposition won't even have any answer for that.

What will be interesting is to see what the opposition will come out to rectify their own inner problem,Unity.

Unity between the different agenda of the Opposition.

Anwar Ibrahim in his blogs have calm down the question about status of the pact of allegiance between PAS,PKR and DAP saying that all is well.I do hope it's well and I really hope it's not just a smokescreen to cover up any great divide.

To go against the current Government,the Opposition should mimic the way the coalition of Barisan Nasional and play them on their own way.We,the majority citizen will surely be glad if the Opposition could form up and be under one flags that have many different branches but still have the same

If that does happens,doubts and dilemma during voting day can be squashed.
For a better living.

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