Februari 24, 2008

Arsenal Football : Thugs! Eduardo's Injury Is Really Bad

Another night of football comes.There I was setting up on the sofa and have some drink waiting for kick off and the so called "Football Expert" to shut up.

Ooh,yeah.I believe Arsenal can win this today.

Kick off and the game start.Arsenal control the ball well.It's the 2nd minutes,Eduardo got the ball and he skips past a defender and suddenly..he went down from a horrific tackle.I couldn't really see the tackle because it was from a different angle.

Eduardo's went down.Lying there.9 minutes was taken to take him out of the field with a stretcher and oxygen mask straight away to the hospital.How bad is it?Too bad that ESPN doesn't even wants to replay the tackle made.I do remember watching Djibrail Cisse breaks his leg,bend on one places and I have watched my friend fell down because of playing skate board in the hostel and twist his ankle.Really really twisted.

Whatever the outcomes is,I only prey that Eduardo's get well.Even if his career is threatened (a career ending injury) I only hope he get well first and get back to walking properly.His leg's condition is the first priority and not his readiness to get back on the field.

Now Arsenal only have 2 striker.Thanks Player Killer.
Get well Eduardo.

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poor him..
btw arsenal fan ke??
nice blog..

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