Februari 21, 2008

Technology Talk : Nessie in Tokyo

The projection of the hologram image is super fucking real,it's like it is actually on the lake.The way water ripples and blast around Nessie is really-really cool.The only things that shows it's fake is the transparency of the image.

After I watched this,I just wonder,is it a True 3D Hologram Imaging.That image is projected by using a 3D projector that didn't need any background onto the lake.What I would like to learn more is whether the view of the hologram can be seen at any angle.For example,let say somebody watch on the opposite side of the projector, from the back of the mosnter,can we see it's back?Does it have Z-axis depth or it is actually just a really-really good 3D hologram that is actually only 2D image.

Whatever the weakness of this new tech,it's surely beats the "old" cinema style projector

Imagine this kind of technology apply to cinemas.Whoo!Watching Cloverfield will be a much more different kind of intensity.

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