Februari 05, 2008

Tutorial :Cleaning Your Keyboard,It's A Reality Horror

It's been nearly 5 years I've been using the Microsoft Natural Keyboard.It has fall down from 2 feets and once I tripped on the wire and BANG it felled to the floor.Still working until now.Microsoft,thanks for a very good hardware.It's white in color (now it's yellowish a bit) and it is a very good good keyboard that give enough "ummph" to be considered a good and cheap keyboard.

I have been considering to clean up the mess that have build inside the key and last Monday,I came home from home from work and spend my time to clean out the dirt.

You'll be surprised of the thing you'll find underneath it.5 Years of mess.

Tutorial : Cleaning Your Keyboard
Time Needed: 2 hours for maximum pleasure

Tools Needed : Small screwdriver (the one use to unscrew spectacle with a Flat head),2 Soft cloth,Cleaning agent that's concentrated (not pure liquid) something like "Cif" will be great,a picture of your keyboard layout if you dont have an extra keyboard for reference when re-assembling (snap picture first,we dont want to mess out the keyboard layout)

Step One :

Slowly insert the screwdriver onto one key and try to pry the key out.A well built keyboard have key's that are very easy to remove.Cheap keyboard are very hard to pry out,sometimes you'll break the key bodies.So do it slowly and carefully one by one.

Step Two :
Now that all key's are taken off,spread out one of the soft cloth and pour some cleaning agent onto it and roll out some key onto it.Make sure the cleaning agent got into the key's and clean out each keys individually.Use the 2nd soft cloth to wipe out and dry the key's.Do for all key's.Make sure you dont lose them.Put them somewhere safe (in a small box maybe)

Step Three:
Take a small brush that is hard enough or just cloth and wipe out the inner part of your keyboard.Dust always gathered here and in my keyboard I found a lot of hair and even some nostrils of my Art Director friend,Matreh.Do it carefully because we dont want water or cleaning agent to go in the rubber part of where your Keys suppose to go.

Step Four:
Now that you have clean out the keys and the key's compartment,put back the keys according to the layout.If you want to screw your friends,you can change their key arrangement the same way.

a clean and more hygienic keyboard.Looks brand new except for the "O" key where my cigarrette fell there and burned it a bit.Now I have a keyboard that everyone else dare to touch.

Thanks for reading

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