Mei 27, 2010

Ibu dan Anak Berbangsa Cina Yang Diharapkan oleh Kerajaan Barisan Nasional

"Mama,mama,kerajaan kita dah luluskan judi!Apa ini?" kata William."What?This is good news!Finally the government of Malaysia is acknowledging our rights!" kata mak William,Auntie Sue.

"Jadi,mama,macam mana?Dah lama dah kita migrate ke Australia ni.Inikah masanya untuk kita pulang?"tanya William."Oh William,imagine all the money that we have saved until now,we can gamble and gamble and gamble.We can be very rich,"kata Auntie Sue.

"Tapi mama,saya rasa tak elok pulak kita habiskan duit kita nanti untuk berjudi ni,"kata William menenangkan emaknya yang sedang terkinja-kinja keriangan.Emaknya membantah,"you have to understand this William,the government is recognizing our people's support finally.They are desperate for us to be back home,to vote for them.We have to go back to Malaysia,gamble and vote for Barisan Nasional.."

"Tapi mama,bukan senang kita nak kumpul duit.." rayu William memikirkan mengenai nasib emaknya yang bekerja sebagai tukang sapu di Melbourne.

"William,this is our time.It's time for us to go back to Malaysia,the government is opening up opportunities for us to become rich now.We can gamble our money and make a better living there,in our old hometown,Kuala Lumpur.."

"Tapi mama,kalau mama kalah masa betting World Cup to macam mana?" tanya William."Dont worry.At least our money wont be going to the gangster or being used for human trafficking.It's gonna be collected by our own people,Vincent Tan.So,whatever happens,we still wins!"kata Auntie Sue.

"Jadi mama,nak betting team mana?" sedih sedikit kerana hatinya risau.

"I got a good feeling this year is gonna be the year for the North Koreans to win it.I am planning to gamble our life savings for it.Life is all about risk and with the legalizing of all type of sports gambling in Malaysia in September,we should feel really secure with our future.Even though we lose our mortgage and savings,it is for a good benefits."

"Jadi,Korea Utara?Pasti mama?" tanya William.

"Sure!I am willing to bet my life on it!" sahut Auntie Sue sambil tersenyum gembira.

The beauty of leaglizing gambling in Malaysia according to the government
1. Making sure money didnt fall to the wrong hands,Vincent Tan hands is fine.
2. Stopping the brain drain from the country
3. Acknowledging the Chinese interest,winning back their support.

5 ulasan:

Tanpa Nama berkata...

money doesn't fall in the wrong hands, HIS FUCKEN ASS!

Other Malaysian berkata...

ni idea sapa? awang adek? esok lusa kalau dah mati, tanah tak terima mayat baru dia tau.

Obefiend Weiland berkata...

you got it all wrong son

the money pile collected by vincy tan will then be used as mega fund for 2012 election

we all know the country coffers are as dry as Siti Hasmah vagina!

by legalising bola betting they have a few hundred million to play around with

you know like fastracking donation to churches. As seen in sibu. how much was it? 1.7 million smackeross last time i checked

it got nothing to do with the second or third excuses

wait.. the 3rd one might be into something since they want the chinese tycoon to be pumping oxygen into their life support system

so now vincy than might lost the first few hundred million as donation to BN.. then he will rake in a few billion for the next 7 keturunan


Johann berkata...

Good one there jgn ader org mis-interpret dh ler ;)

Tanpa Nama berkata...