November 30, 2006

Curse In Malay : GAMPANG

Okay,this is a sort of tutorial for any tourist or anybody outside Malaysia who would like to prepare themselves for the challenging survival of trying to stay alive in Malaysia especially Kuala Lumpur.For Malay speaking community,you can read other things or if you want to read more,maybe it will help you to improve how to curse somebody during emergency time (such as while traffic jam and you are in a car,a motorcycle hit your side mirror).

I do this tutorial because we Malaysian always looks up to the Caucasian or as we call them Mat Salleh because of an unknown reasons.So maybe the only way to help revitalize the culture is to let the outsider teach them a things or two about manners.

Improvise and try to be quick on words.Here goes..

The first lesson.


pronounciation is (Gum ~ Punk)

This word was commonly used during a hasty feedbacks to any arrogant motorist or any quick urges needed for stupid drivers.Using it in a quick sentence will be like this:


"You are so GUM - PUNK"

"Bloody GUM - PUNK Malaysian"

or the old classic "GUM-PUNK @!&*%"

This word means sort of like a bastard son or daughter and it is commonly used also as a joke or banter between friends.So if a friend of yours call you GUM -PUNK that doesn't mean you are a bastard.Or maybe you are?Who knows.

Thanks!Hope you learn something.
Stay tune for more.

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