November 17, 2006

Album Review : Snow Patrol-Final Straw

ehem,this is pure british goodies.anybody who listen to anything in the billboard chart should avoid this album.

snow patrol third album open with the lazy but relaxing (and a little moody) "How to be Dead",pure single material.good opening set as it set the tone for the album.Then "Wow""Gleaming Auction" and "Whatever's Left" follow after that.Those three are good but it cannot be considered great because the next three tracks are pure genius.

"Spitting Games" is pure pop,with lyrics so innocent it makes any pervert looks innocence and naive.The opening riff is simple and super catchy.Track number 6 "Chocolate" is a simple songs with simple drums but full of deep meaning that i dont understand.The 7th track,"Run" is so good it will make you remember how deep love is and surely will make tears flowing from your eyes.The song chorus is pure "wave your hands up,light up a candle" moments.

Then the album going on a slow turn as "Grazed Knees" flow into the weird "Ways and Means"."Tiny Little Fractures" up the tempo again as the catchy riff gets into you.Then the heavy yet mellow "Somewhere the Clock is Ticking ".Last track, "Same" is a good but not that great song for the album closing moment.

The album comes with two bonus track "We can Run Away Now They Are All Dead" is a catchy song with breezy mood that contains a really dark lyrics (hence the title) and "Half the Fun" is a throwback to the old Snow Patrol,weird sound and heavy distorted guitar,but the chorus is fun to hear.

Standout Tracks:
How to Be Dead
Spitting Games
Grazed Knees
Tiny Little Fractures
We Can Run Away Now They Are All Dead

Rating ****

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