November 17, 2006

Album Review : Hillary Duff - Metamorphosis

This is an old album before Hillary turns bad,when she sang about cute things like teddy bears and sunshines shining upon her.
I don't care about what people says,but I love this album.

The opening songs "So Yesterday" sounds very matured and a great single to start of the album.
Then the album start to take a more quirky,sometimes,cute then sometimes downright annoying.
"Come Clean","Workin It Out" and "Little Voice" is a hate or like kind of song.Then another standout performance in "Where Did I Go Right?" continuing to "Anywhere But Here."Another
quirky/cute song "The Math" follows.One of the album best track "Love Just Is" is not a super beuatiful ballad and her voice sort of sounds flat but the melody is really good,giving a you a romantic vibes all around.

Title track "Metamorphosis" is unforgettable and the album closer "Girl Can Rock" sounds like a girl who try too hard to rock.

This album is really weird because it was like a fifty-fifty effort of a little girl and a more mature young woman.The quirky/cute songs won't be like by everyone but there is something for everyone.Good job growing up.

Rating - 4/5

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