November 17, 2006

Album Review : Weezer - Make Believe

The last 2 album from weezer,the green album and Maladroit has seen weezer go up and downs in their music,both album suffers the fate of being just not good enough for weezer after the super great debut album (Blue Album) and the more moody but classic sophomore album (Pinkerton)

So now we have the fifth album from the band and from the first impression of the CD cover,the album will suck.The first single (constantly overplayed and aired on MTV) Beverly Hills is not a good weezer song (if we compare it to their previous single )but you know that kids these days if we shove anything up their throat they will swallow it and like it (and even lick it) so we got beverly Hills video clips playing constantly between another gangster rap video and another ashlee simpson shit.

Not that it is not good for the bands.MTV sells records and we can see that Beverly Hills in its peak reach the coveted number one spot on the Billboards Modern Rock Tracks

I like weezer and it is safe (and a little sad to say) that Make Believe is much much better than Green Album and a little bit better than Maladroit.Rivers Cuomo lyrics has never sound cheesy when every words have to rhyme and you can even try and guess which words rhyme with it because YOU CAN! The lyrics on some of the songs are just rhyming words without any meaning.

There are some highlights on these album,they are good but it won't be another classic."Perfect Situations" is the third single (or second?) and it is good but not great."We Are All On Drugs" or "We are all in love" is a glimmer of what weezer have been.there are some experimentation on the album such as "Freak Me Out" and album closer "Haunt You Every Day" but this is all just good stuff,no retro weezer quality stuff.

As a comeback album from a long slump,this is not a bad album.But when we are talking about weezer this is not up to the standard of what they set in their '94 debut and sophomore album.Not a bad album but for weezer,a better album is needed next time.A much better album.


Standout tracks

Perfect Situations
We Are All On Drugs (In Love)
My Best Friend
Freak Me Out
Haunt You Everyday

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