November 17, 2006

Album Review : Ash - Meltdown

they stun the world with their album when they are 18 years old,decline an invitation from Pearl Jam to tour with them because they have to take their exam.they are ash and they want you all to listen that talking and dreaming about aliens is the past.they just want to rock,hard.

this is the band fifth album and this time Tim Wheeler just want everyone to shave his balls because he have a lot.After going nearly bankrupt from the disastrous sales of their third album "Nu-Clear Sounds" and rise again to fame with "Free All Angels" he just want everybody to go and fuck themselves.This is "Meltdown"

"meltdown" is what "nu-clear" sound supposed to be.Heavy guitars,fast drum beats and a lot of guitar solo's.this is what Ash is all about.Catchy songs bordering on Pop and Punk and in "meltdown" they includes metal.

Album opener "Meltdown" is a straight up rocks.Then come "orpheus".If you have watch "shaun of the dead" then you can hear the songs being played.(the film director is actually the boyfriend for Ash guitarist,i mean the girl,Charlotte)

"Orpheus" opens with a heavy riff couple with some tight drum line and then explodes!And then when the singing start,it is the perfect songs for cruising on the highway at high speed with police behind you.

"Evil Eye" is one of those darker happy gothic song that makes you jump and jump happily for no reason.Maybe it is the chorus or the rhyming words,but it is pop punk finest tunes from Ash.

"Starcrossed" is what "oh yeah" is for 1977 and "Shining Lights" for Free All Angels,this song will make you cry.If you are in love and your heart is broken,you will cry harder If you have failed in love than you will love this songs.this song is a pop punk ballad with soaring guitars and a perfect ending.A special tribute for the nearly lovers.

"Wont Be Saved" is like "Evil Eye" without the darker mood and you will still sing a long the chorus.
The album closer "Vampire Love" is a mix of catchy tunes and vampires .it is a song about vampire loving human or etc. and how their love cannot be fullfilled because he's a VAMPIRE.

I have listened to as ash since i am 15 years old,grew up with them and heard how their music have change.But since i bought 1977 (or maybe steal i don't remember) I realized that after 1977,Ash have lost a little bit of their energy and passion.Yes,they are getting much more mature and their songs have been better,but their new stuff still lacks the energy that "1977" have.The intro for "Lose Control","Goldfinger" and the weird but kicks butt intro for "Angel Interceptor".Yeah,"Starcrossed" is good but it didn't have the element that makes "Oh Yeah" greats.

"Meltdown" is good for those looking for heavy stuff that is not hurting to the ears.It is like a finely balanced pop and metal album.This is a big risk Ash is taking because usually their heavy stuff don't sell and "meltdown" is a flop in sells number.But "Meltdown" is a great preview to what Ash can become.Ash won't conquer the world but for those who wants great music and not angry lyrics with a positive vibes,"Meltdown" delivers.

Without the youth energy of 1977,every other Ash album will never repeat the success of "1977".Sometimes maturity and high productions value is a flaw for one of the best bands you can listen to.

Give this album a try.If you don't like it,try "Free All Angels" first.Then you will appreciate Ash.

Standout Tracks:

Evil Eye
Out of The Blue
Won't Be Saved
Vampire Love
Solace (Bonus Tracks)


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