November 17, 2006

Album Review : Ash - Free All Angels

So it is all summer all over again?

No summer in Malaysia.
No girls in bikini walking along the beach to escape the rising sun.
No macho guys surfing on the ocean to impress girls.

It doesn't mean u cannot enjoy this album.

Opening with the sweet strumming of acoustic guitar then go blistering for the full verse of "Walking Barefoot"
Ash is back.Yeah,this review is late.Because this album is out in year 2001.But who cares,classics stays the same all
century long.

"Shining Light" follow up and you won't know if Tim Wheeler is talking about God or girls.Nobody would forget that
chorus.It's the song that save Ash from going starving and dead.Is is summer yet?

"Burn Baby Burn" is a killer track.Imagining sexy cheerleaders jumping all around just to support you while you are doing

somehing.Any pervert would have watch that video already,I mean the video clip.After all the jumping,Tim suddenly want to
show Britney Spears how to sing and write a proper pop song (with guitar) and "Candy" is perfect for Ash that also will be

perfect for any Britney,Christina or Ashlee upcoming album.

"Cherry Bomb" is forgettable except for the chorus,"Submission" is a weird song most of the times sound bad except when
you are horny.Really,I am serious.

"Sometimes" is the prettiest tracks,sort of like how do you describe the most beautiful that you see?You cant,you just cant.
"nicole" is another tracks that stand out for summer loving at the back of the truck while jumping on the beach.

So now,is it summer yet?


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