November 30, 2006

Football Tribute : The Non-Flying Dutchman

Everyone will remember the goal that send Argentina out of the World Cup 98.
The timing is perfect,the touch and the sidefoot shot.
All 3 touches that he take to control the ball.
Sorry Argentina.Dennis Bergkamp has keep Holland in France for another day.

Arsenal will welcome Emirates Stadium but they will miss Dennis more than they miss Vieira.

Dennis is a scared person.
He gets scared and he takes his own safety measure.

Once in flight,there were a hoax about bombs in the plane.He got scared and he promise
he will never board planes anymore,

Then,in the 1998/99 season.During the FA Cup final (the season when Man Utd got their trebles) Dennis step up to take penalty in the last minute.He shot to the right of Peter Schmeichel and Schmeichel saved it.He promise himself that he will never take any penalties again.

He is the greatest Dutch player during his generations (De Boer bros,Cocu,Reiziger,Winter,Seedorf,Davids,Kluivert?).He is one of the best soccer player that have never won anything in the international level.Came close during france 98 and Euro 2000 in the
semi final,both losing on penalties.Came close during the Champions League final,he is too old to play.

People will talk about Zidane.Yes,Zidane is one of the greats.What Bergkamp lacks compared to Zidane is that he didn't won Champions League,World Cup and Euro Championships.As a player,I am sure Bergkamp and Zidane is on the same level.Bergkamp is one unlucky footballer that people will argue if he is one of the world best.

But he is lucky too.He is the second riches footballer (in England?) (after the international male model,David Beckham and Bergkamp wasn't modelling anything) and he has a HOT wife.

But,whatever people says,Dennis will still haunt Arsenal because he made Arsenal what Arsenal is today (Wenger too).Not even Henry.It will be strange after 10 years,Arsenal will be without Dennis Bergkamp.It will be odd watching Arsenal roll out into the pitch of the Emirates without Dennis.

Many names have been mentions as Bergkamp replacements for the new Dutch generations.Van Der Vaart,Robben,Van Persie.When will there be a "next Bergkamp"?

Nobody will replace him because most players won't be scared to board a flight and no other player can be called The Non-Flying Dutchman.That's one kind of player that will never have replacements.

So,he has really retired.

Thank you for everything.And enjoy your money.Donate some to me if you can.I am piss poor.

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