Mei 02, 2007

Food Review - Ramly Nugget Ayam Salutan Tenpura

Ever wonder if you go to McDonald's and order their chicken nuggets?
For the price of around RM4 you get :

a box containing 6 pieces of nuggets.
what a great piece of business.Screwing their customer,that's how Mc'd generate their
revenue. So what if you are addicted to the taste of Mc'D nuggets but cant afford to pay or dont want to pay.You get these great product from Malaysia's own Ramly's.

Where to start...
The packaging is actually quite deceiving because it was pink in color and not attractive at all.And I still rememberthe day I accidentally bought this,it was because the original Ramly Chicken Nugget is sold out.
So I just try it out and it from that day onwards, I look at Mc'D with disgust because the best nugget that money is actually made by a local company.

The price is around Rm8.50-RM10.50 depends on where you get it.For that price you get 1kg
of :

a) succulent nugget that taste the same or maybe even better than Mc'd nugget
b)value for money
c)a pack of nugget that is actually better than most frozen nugget in the market

so,for parents or would be parents,buy this product.keep your children of Mc'd and show that you care,because it's better to feed your child with something you cook yourself.There's love inside.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

agreed! cook with love, they will grow healthier. =))


Peri PiA berkata...


nugget ini memang the best

"air tangan" = love