Julai 19, 2009

Hostelku Menyerupai Filem "Hostel"


Its rare for me to write compains to blogs really so here it goes. I live in an off-campus hostel 'provided' by LIMKOKWING Uni (which I still have to pay for it myself but thats a different story) called Desaria Villa Condominium managed by Pantas Mayang. The thing is, with international students around, the dobby and convenience store and the rest believe that it is a must for them to follow the international pricing as well. I'll just list the problems we especially locals have to face.

* Extra 50 cents for phone credit.
* One not so huge banana is 60 cents each! ( I don't buy but watching other do...) Seriously, pricing there is just hell.
* 1 hour in CC is RM3.00 and some pcs have no proper plugins
* No visitors after 10, almost acceptable since being students we usually have to burn midnight oil with our group projct but damn, we have to book room for parents (RM70+) just for a night stay?
* Nepalese Guards - hitting students, ignoring complaints, mengorat etc
* Bus Driver - Too fast(others seems to be fine with that though), some are just rude like not stopping or purposely make us run for them.
* Food quality (and price) sucks.

**The next closest shop is 30mins walk from the apartment and..we're just students so many choose to live with it and keep the annoyance to themself. I'm now waiting for NCCC to react to my compaint though I don't hope much.

I Yean

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