Julai 04, 2009

Berita Tergempar! Ananda Krishnan Mahu Beli Newcastle United?

A RECLUSIVE Malaysian billionaire has jumped to the head of the queue to buy Newcastle.

Media mogul Ananda Krishnan is closing in on a deal to end Mike Ashley's nightmare two-year Toon reign - and hopes to make an announcement early next week.

The �95million deal for the club represents loose change to the 71-year-old, who is South East Asia's third-richest man worth �4.5billion.

Other consortia remain in the running to buy the crisis club.

But after making the first significant move in the drawn-out sale, Krishnan is the favourite to take control after meeting Ashley's drastically-reduced asking price - almost �40m less than the sportswear tycoon paid in 2007.

The owner-in-waiting is believed to favour Alan Shearer to be the club's manager.

Like Ashley, Krishnan has kept a low profile as he has built up a powerful business portfolio which includes major interests in oil, entertainment, telecoms and shipping.

Over the years, he has donated millions of pounds to charities and a source said: "Mr Krishnan shuns public exposure and likes to keep a low profile for someone of his stature."

Figures have yet to be confirmed but a significant kitty would be made available for Shearer to use in the transfer market.(LINK)

Lepas ni bole la tengok player Malaysia main kat EPL,hahaha.

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3rdmarch berkata...

kalau newcastle bole masok epl blk..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

apa kena mengena pulak kalau ada malaysian nak beli newcastle, "bole tengok player malaysia main kat EPL .." ? what's the link? you better stick to porno melayu and/all the rantings that bn/umno and the gov is not right.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

ada harapan pemain m'sia jd player newcastle. at least utk reserve team. congratulations..

Otak Biru berkata...

hehehe..macam biasa..

"..kera di hutan disusukan.."

kalaulah aku kaya macam si ananda ni,aku terus beli francais& hak Liga Malaysia dari FAM dengan stadium-stadium sekali pastu jual semua state football team dalam liga kat individu and corporate. no more persatuan and politician yang akan dapat lead those team-team negeri tuh..

aku rasa total value Liga+teams+stadiums satu malaysia pun takdela sampai 80 million pound pun..

haizz....aku teringin benar nak tgk Malaysian League (tak kira apa jenis sports) jadi 'business-oriented' macam kat oversea..

impian tinggal khayalan..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

haha..lantak die la..dwit die..