Disember 13, 2008

Stewardess Air Asia Yang Lawa(k) Gila

Nama Pengadu : Nabela
Umur Ketika Peristiwa : Unknown
Lokasi : Dalam kapal terbang
Mangsa Aduan : Peramugari Air Asia Pan-Asian


I've followed your blog and i'm very glad that you have this new blog (pengguna genius).I just wanted to share my not so pleasant experience with Air Asia.

This thing happened about 3 years ago, it was during my study in langkawi(boarding school), at that time my house is at PJ. So, I travel from KL to Langkawi via flight.During one fateful school holiday, my parents decided to go on a vacation to Langkawi.

My parents sent me along with 2 of my siblings on an Air Asia flight (this was my first time with Air Asia). As you know, we have to pay for the food. There was this family of 3 sitting across our seat. My sister said she wanted to try the menu. During lunch time, the stewardess stopped her trolley next to our seat, but she didn't even look at us. She served the family of 3 that sat across from us.

''Excuse me.." i tried to call the sterwardess.hahaha....guess what? she totally ignored me.

Just because were a bunch of kids travelling alone without our parents, doesn't mean we can't afford anything that they serve.I was totally pissed off and asked my sister if she was really hungry. But when she saw what happened, she told me that she's good. She is just not in the mood of eating after what had happened.

Before the airplane landed, the stewardess goes from seat to seat to ask if anybody has rubbish to throw.She went to the family (that was seating across our seat)"Do you have anything to throw?"...the stewardess.
Then she came to our seat"Adik ade sampah nak buang?"...the stewardess said to us.haha double standard.

She was afraid that we could not comprehend her english(her english was not that great though).So, that was my first and last time travelling with Air Asia.I hope anybody travelling with them won't experience what i had experienced.

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