Mac 10, 2008

Surat Yang Ikhlas : Mari Carikan Kerja untuk Samy Vellu

To my Dearest Mr.Samy Vellu

Honestly speaking,I am quite sad to see you wont be going on as a Minister and one of the powerful man in Malaysia,but that's life.Sometimes you stay be on top and next time without you realizing ,you are bottom.

Chin up Mr.Samy,my former Road and Transportation minister,I have lend some helping hand to help you ease your burden and I would love it if all Malaysian can help on this.

I would like it if we Malaysian would just help out and give back Mr.Samy's dignity by helping him to find another job.I have created 2 accounts : one email and one Jobstreet account as a way to repay the kindness that Mr.Samy have shown in helping Malaysia have a better road.

With this letter,I would love it if we can help by creating first a resume and help out by looking for a job that can help support the burden that plaguing Mr.Samy's life.

Yahoo Mail Account :
Password : duittol

Jobstreet Malaysia Account :
Password : samyvellu

For this,I would need a collaboration of all Malaysian to help out and fill up his resume,after that we can help by applying a job for him.

One last thing,
Mr.Samy,when you have found a suitable job and wants to use the accounts personally,do change the password yourself but please inform me first.That way I can inform all Malaysian that you are in good condition.


*This is not a hoax,I hope we can really help Mr.Samy Vellu found another job as soon as possible.
Please help spread the words around so that everybody can contribute.Please don't change the password yourself.Hopefully Jobstreet can contact him and provide him with jobs in the future.Thanks!-Mantot

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