Mac 09, 2008

Resume Samy Vellu

Berita dari sumber-sumber yang tak boleh dipercayai,tiba-tiba terdapat banyak registration di disiasat,ada informer terkantoi yang Samy Vellu sedang try apply kerja melalui adalah resume nye yang telah kami terima.

3 ulasan:

whazoole berkata...

hmm.. you could also add that samy is a chartered architect and a member of the royal institute of british architects.

should be able to see his name here:

Mantot berkata...

err...the resume is not serious need to put real facts.

...and if he's a good sure he can be more successful by not involving himself in politics.just be an architect.

there were a lot professors in the world,is all of them qualified to be one?

Mantot berkata...

and your link is not working for me