Mac 18, 2008

Film Review : View From The Top

I am a sucker for any romantic comedy.I cant explain why.Maybe it's because I grew up watching Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie such as You've Got Mail or their oldies classic.Then there is one more movie that makes me do love romantic comedy.The title of the movie is "Mannequin" a story about a man in love with a mannequin.

As usual,I went to Speedy Video and look at the bargain section (these DVD's are original but the price is only RM9.90) and usually the section only have B-Grade action movie but that day,there is 2 movies that kind of different.I bought back 2 movies,one is Eli Roth's "Cabin Fever" (he's the director of "Hostel") and one more is a movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow entitled "View From the Top."

I bought the movie just because it have Gwyneth Paltrow,Christina Applegate and Kelly Preston in one movie.The movie tell a story about Donna (Paltrow) who wants to achieve something in her life and she decided to be a stewardess.Her first job that she got as a stewardess is with a bad airline company.Starting from there she works and works until one day she got an offer from a big airline company.The problem is,she has to choose,take the job and leave her boyfriend (Mark Ruffalo) or stop pursuing her dreams and have a boyfriend.Blah blah blah....

The story is simple and predictable,you can guess the plotlines since the beginning.The conclusion is,the story suck.But this is a romantic comedy,so the ending will make your heart feel warm and fuzzy,that's for sure.

I would gave the movie a C+

But in this movie,there's CLEAVAGE EVERYWHERE.Gwyneth's cleavage.Christina's cleavage and Kelly Preston's cleavage and Gwyneth Paltrow is too damn cute in this movie in her stewardess uniform.My grade for this movie have to change accordingly.Now it went up to A-

Movie Ratings Excluding Cleavage : C+
Movie Rating Including Cleavage : A-

Nah,this is a typical Hollywood feel good story.Nothing special,nothing new.Watch these movie if you like Mike Myers (Austin Powers).DON'T WATCH this movie if you hate Mike Myers and Gwyneth Paltrow is a fine specimen of a woman.

Watch this movie if you are a sucker for Gwyneth.Everything else is just "Bleh."

Ratings : 5/10
Bought@ Speedy Video (Bargain Bin)= RM9.90

Coming Up : Cabin Fever and Kuch Kuch Hota Haai

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affanazami berkata...

funny, my sis just bought tis dvd last week. i kinda like the movie too. its not that stupid thou..

p/s- i like mike myers. =p