Disember 06, 2012

PSA : Mencari Ibu Yang Hilang

My beloved mother missing since 8/6/2011, at Kajang area, age of 55, her name is Mageswari.

Based on last update on the same day, she had been snatched by a motorists while on the way to shop (a location near to my house) and the last person who saw her says she was on trauma. I have tried to find her in various locations, assisted by various medias but till today not able to locate her.

It’s been more than 1 year 6 months without her.

My mother had Insomnia (difficulties to sleep) and she was under medication. Due to the trauma she had the time got snatched and not consuming proper medicine I afraid that she can’t identify her own self.

Facebook is one of the media which gets public attraction effectively, and I realized this page PJ Community Alert gets public attention and respond very well. I hope by posting this news here it will be helpful to locate my mother as I have all my friends and dearest facebookers here.

Kindly share is message and be a part of my mission to find my mother back. Even small information it means a lot to me. Looking forward for your good respond, Thanks a lot FRIENDS!!

Please contact : Jayanthi -0162054987
Anuratha- 0163457875

Humble request.
Yours sincerely,


Dalam BM. : Mak dia hilang. Lama dah. Mak dia sakit, takut tak kenal diri sendiri atau terlupa.
Tolong sharekan benda ni.

Call kalau ada maklumat.

Video ni, untuk semua orang yang hardcore Instagram.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...


video tu LOL!

cewek.medusa berkata...

terasa plak video instagram tu. kalo kat mamak cawan teh tarik sumbing pun den amik gambo ..huuu
*paling kasihan member yg buat2 like gambo tu

hime s berkata...

sentap tgk vid instagram tuh, wahaha

Tanpa Nama berkata...

haha.. terbaek.. setepek kena..


Prince of Noob berkata...

semoga ibu kepada puan jayanthi ditemui semula

plain83 berkata...

all the best jayanthi, hopefully she's fine

Nona Azhar berkata...

alaaaa dah takde la video tuuuu