Jun 19, 2007

Film Review : Fantastic Four - Rise of The SIlver Surfer

the first film was such a dissappointment for me,besides the good humour between the character and some great action sequence,the film has the depth as deep as a one feet pool.

hopefully,the second one fares better,yes it did.but not much.

first thing first,yes,the silver surfer is cool.but the thing is,he looks emotionless at first.but after some tragedy happens and a real actor took the role of Silver Surfer (not CGI) he conveys emotion
better,he was portrayed better.I am not sure if the SIlver Surfer parts is all done in CGI but the earlier shots of the surfer dude is too CGI,too stiff and not really human-like (in emotion wise)

if you read,Surfer will be the center of attention in the movie,but still the Human Torch and the Thing still hold the movie together.Chris Evans is really becoming a good actor from the day I watch him in Not Another Teen Movie as a Freddie Prinze jr. clone.

The beginning and the middle part was done nicely and we can see how superheroes who didn't hide their identity live among normal human beings.That was a nice part in the movie.Watching superheroes who are not afraid of people knowing their identity is a kind of fresh air from watching Spiderman or Superman or Batman or Cicak-Man,they even embrace their powers and flaunt it all over the place.

The best part of the movie is watching how they work together and Jessica Alba is still hot.

The climatic sequence at the end deserved more.How can Dr.Doom is being beaten that easily?Why that Galactus is a giant cloud?He is supposed to be the gigantic alien that is huge.
The ending left a lot to be desired (or predicted).

After the earlier joyride,Fantastic Four -Rise of the Silver Surfer ends with an premature ejaculation.That's the only fault.It's like you got a hot date and got her to your bedroom and suddenly you ejaculate and lost your libido.

Rating - 3.5/5

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