Mei 02, 2007

Film Review : Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don't Look Back In Anger)

As I was walking away from IOI Puchong after finishing watching the movie,I was a little depressed.If this is the kind of movie that can generate a collection of RM4 million (by the time
this review is written,it have reached an impressive RM5.9 million) then the future of Malaysian movie will always be bleak.

This is the kind of movies that relies on cheap scares and loud sound that is actually not that
scary.the only thing that is really2 scary in this movie is the amount money that the movie will make and how many malaysian's are actually feeling cheated after watching the movie,then they went back home and cheated on their friends telling them the movie is good.This is where actually the impressive collection came from.From a connection of bigger lie (the movie) and small lie (talks of the movie is actually "good")

The good part.Hmm.Rumainah Sidek as Opah.Cat Farish cameo appearance as a helpful bus driver.

The bad part.A lot.The girl who play Sri,nice to look at but have no credibility as the sister who lost her elder sister.She never look sad at all.The storyline is a jumble of mess and poo.Jalaludin Hassan as Darma boss.He is plain bad.

The ghost looks like crap.
The ghost flies like crap.
the ghost crawl like crap.

Pierre Andre as the lead,he is actually more scary than the ghost itself when he is being possessed.That's how scary the film is.

The title says it all.

Jangan Pandang Belakang (Don't Look Back) as you are leaving the cinemas early.Never look back.If you see the VCD or DVD in the future,leave it there.Don't look back.Watch something else.

Rating - D+

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