Jun 24, 2007

Good Bye Thierry Henry,Thanks!!

Last night,ESPN is showing again the replay of the Arsenal match against Man U at Emirates.As you all know,Arsenal won 2-1 thanks to V.persie and the Barca bound Thierry Henry.

The news that Henry will be leaving Arsenal is a sad one to hear.He's one of the greatest.Everybody will say that he's the greatest but for me he is the bridesmaid for Arsenal legend circa Wenger era,the great Dennis Bergkamp.

I wont write on comparing Dennis and Thierry but I just want to express out my feelings.Hopefully,I wont be too emotional.I am not sad..at all.Yes,I am not AT ALL SAD!!


Because I believe that every player like Henry is replaceable.Henry is no Bergkamp in vision and craft,Bergkamp is un replaceable. I believe that Arsenal have coped well without him during our last season.Forth place,one point behind Liverpool with a much2 younger squad.
If you follow all our games last season,the only games that Arsenal played like shit is versus Fulham.Against other lesser opposition,Arsenal played well,sometimes really well.But no goals scored.

Against the other big four teams,Arsenal only lost once to Peter Crouch hat trick at Liverpool.Won against Man U twice,draw against Chelsea twice. No Gallas most times,the game against Man U at Old Trafford - no Henry,at Emirates no Gilberto.Against Chelsea,no Gilberto.

If you watch the Carling Cup final,the way Chelsea already superstar were played around by Abou Diaby is stunning.This is all experienced player,Ballack and Lampard.Watching Chelsea celebrating winning the Carling Cup is a sign.A sign that the so called superstar of the world is pushed hard by a group of youngsters.Remember the time when no teams want the Carling Cup?

My opinion is that Henry leaves because of the boardroom saga,David Dein leaving.Not because of he wants to play with Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi.

I don't know how's the reception that he will get from the Barca players.From the fans,yeah they will welcome him.But from the playes I am not sure.Look back at what Henry said after the 2006 Champions League Final.How he said that Ronaldinho is nowhere to be seen.How Puyol don't like to play football but just want to take him to the ground.He even said the only Barca player who is good that night is Henrik Larsson.

Now he is going there to get his Champs League medal.That final in 2006 ,he have two chances to get the winners medal.One on one against Victor Valdes,he blew it all straight to the keeper.
Now he's moving to "the greener pastures" in Spain to play with the same team he criticize just a year ago .

He gets the opportunity and he blew it.Good bye Henry.Thanks for the goals and smiles (and dance moves)

Welcome Adebayor,Van Persie and Bendtner (also Wallcott).
A new legend will always rise.

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