Januari 12, 2008

Yahoo Messenger Is Crappier These Days

Technologies is catching up and maybe have exceed our need for some part.Such as the requirement for a PC for basic person is always basic as possible.We only need like 900MHZ of processor and 256mb of RAM for Internet surfing and Word processing.Now as the technologies has been speed up following the highly demanding of gaming software,the software world also follow suite.

What I am talking about is the highly crap amount of hardware you need to run some certain software that are supposed to be very light to run ages ago.I am talking the HIGHLY CRAPTASTIC Yahoo Messenger.

In 2001,the requirement to run the YM is only about 4mb of ram.That is acceptable.4mb to run a chatting software is considered fine.Now,if you are using the YM,press Ctrl-Alt-Delete on your keyboard,look at the Running programs list and look at how much YM is eating your RAM.NEARLY 40MB!!

What is the point of upgrading hardware when everytime you upgrade your hardware the software will play the catch up games.You got more RAM's,the software will eat more.Yahoo Messenger now is a mess.Full of things that I dont really want,the interface is kind of screwed and it hogs the RAM.

Bloated software.You will never have the best hardware out there because the software will always be designed to eat more and more.Please,software makers,keep your software simple and keep it clean.

Most Annoying Bloated Software For Me:

1)Yahoo Messenger
2)Adobe Acrobat Reader(use Fox It instead)
3) Any version of Real Player (automatically creates a startup entry for your PC)
4)Google Toolbar
5)the latest Microsoft Office (the interface do suck bad)
6)Microsoft Internet Explorer (it's getting better but still...Firefox's better by a hundred miles)
7)Winamp,it runs much better before


1)Use VLC Media player for videos Link
2)Use FoxIt for .PDF files Link
3)Do not install any Yahoo or Google toolbar for your browser
4)Use OpenOffice,it's free Link
5)Use Mozilla Firefox Link
6)Use Winamp 2.79

For any old version of software you love but you prefer the old version : Link to OldVersion

Further Reading Before They Spoiled The Software

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IZZAT berkata...

aku da lama stop pki winamp psl berat..aku suka pki window media player je psl aku rase lg ringn..neway nice blog..

nana berkata...

kenapa tak suka google crome?