Januari 31, 2008

What Malaysian Look Out For On the Internet

This is an image capture from my blogs entrance of keywords on how viewers reach my stupid blog.The list contains a lot of things that shows what people,especially Malaysian look out from the internet.Most of it contains viewers looking for...yes..pornography.

But one search exactly makes me puke my brains.

Yeah,one Malaysian search for that "thing".I hope it is actually a girl,because if guys do that kind of web search on the internet,it means you are SO GAY!

If it's a girl,it means you have such low taste in men.Please,go back to Google and look for "I don't have a boyfriend because I am an ugly stupid spoiled whore bitch type"Whoever do that web search,please,leave a comment on this blog.I would like to know you more (if you are a girl and not actually ugly)

There is one more keyword search that occur one time on the list that is so disgusting and sick that even if I bad mouth the searcher here for 3 years,the shame will never wear off.One guy,look out on the internet for...


Sick.Just pure sickness.This is what Malaysian do on the internet.Not Malaysian I think,Malays.

Malays Boleh.It's great to be Malays.